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Success Is All In Your Mind



In my last column we talked about setting yourself up for success in 2015. Now that you’ve mapped out a rosy future, how can you set yourself up to make those goals a reality?

While there are a lot of business complexities that go into hitting your targets, it’s always easier to blame external factors for business challenges. Here are some I hear on a regular basis:

  • “The economy is terrible and my customers are just not spending on lingerie.”
  • “I can’t find good employees. They are…(fill in your problem here – lazy, inexperienced, disloyal).”
  • “My customers mostly want inexpensive beige T-shirt bras. They won’t spend more than $(fill in your perceived lower price point here).”
  • Or the close cousin, “My customers won’t buy…(fill in category here – swimwear, men’s wear, stockings).”
  • “Customers wait too long between visits.”

Have you heard yourself saying – or thinking … ...Read more



Today you might be thinking about Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and the holiday rush. It’s also important that you’re thinking about your goals for 2015.

In my most recent monthly webinar I walked through a quick and easy method to plan your financial goals for the year ahead. It’s a little different from the usual ways of doing things, and also fun and very effective. Here’s the overview…

They key to planning for success is to begin with the end in mind. In other words, start with an understanding of the outcomes you want to achieve in the year ahead.

ASK YOURSELF: How much money do I want to make in 2015?

From there, take your goal and break it down into smaller and smaller goals until each step of the process seems obtainable, and less intimidating. Then take action on those smaller steps, one … ...Read more



The other day I was watching TV and an ad jumped off the screen at me. It’s not a new ad, but the message is directly tied to something I’ve been talking a lot about recently. The ad was for Special K® but wasn’t actually about cereal. It was about jeans.

Well, not exactly about jeans. Let me explain…

As many lingerie professionals know, jeans, bras and swim suits are the trifecta of clothing items many women dread shopping for most. These women listen to the myths about fit, which send women negative messages about finding bras (and jeans and swim suits) that are the “right size.” These three items also force women to confront the aspects of their bodies they often want to ignore.

As lingerie pros, we see women consistently placing significant – and misguided – value on the size of the item … ...Read more

By Ali Cudby


Lingerie Fashion Week is a celebration of independent brands showcasing their perspectives for the press. There’s nothing like a fashion show to let designers tell the world what their brand represents via garments, styling and attitude.

For retailers, the runway shows are entertaining, but at the end of the day, only the product matters. When the goods arrive, there are no glitter-strewn models and carefully selected tunes. The merchandise must stand on its own.

Assessing the product for what it is and what it offers retailers is the lens I used at Lingerie Fashion Week. From that perspective, the clear takeaway is the sheer range of options being featured for a wide array of bodies.

Petite to full figured.


Bella Petite


Tia Lyn Lingerie

Floral to feminine to fetish.




Secrets in Lace


Love Cage

Motherhood to gender-bending.


You! Lingerie


 Play Out Underwear

Lingerie Fashion Week showed … ...Read more

By Ali Cudby


The other day I was talking to a lingerie retailer who was unhappy with the take-home pay her business was generating. She wanted her store to throw off more money. Knowing my success boosting lingerie businesses for clients, she solicited some advice.

I asked what she might do to generate income, and her responses were pretty standard…

  • Have a sale
  • Advertise the store
  • Be more active on social media
  • Hire a PR firm
  • Consider web-based sales

These are some of the answers I hear most from retailers when they are looking to juice things up.

But do these methods produce results.

Sadly, too often the answer is NO. Retailers spend their money on advertising or give it away through discounting without fully thinking through how it will impact their business.

Investing in your business is critically important – and sure, advertising, social media, PR and e-tailing have … ...Read more

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