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Monique Lhuillier - Runway RTW - Spring 2015 - New York Fashion Week

Innerwear-as-outerwear is a venerable favorite at New York Fashion Week, and this year was no exception.

Commando brand was decidedly a fashionista favorite, being intentionally shown under sheer looks at Monique Lhuiller, Tadashi Shoji and others. Their two-faced tech shapewear slips were also worn as skirts in looks at Milly.

Says designer Kerry O’Brien, “Commando’s high-waisted panties and shapewear briefs were having a moment on the runways at New York Fashion Week!  We’re known for invisible raw-cut comfort, so it’s very exciting to have our products showing intentionally as a key part of top designers styling their sheer looks. The sheer trend is big for spring and our undergarments provide the coverage needed to pull them off with confidence.”




Knowing the spring trends for clothing is important for lingerie retailers for three reasons:

1)     Expertise: Customers look to you for foundational advice in their wardrobe. When … ...Read more

The Myth About Bra Fitting

By Ali Cudby


I received an email from a woman recently, and she was very upset. “Ali, Can you please help me understand what I’m doing wrong with my bra?” She went on to tell me about a shopping experience she’d had at a specialty boutique. She’d had a fitting, and the concept of sister sizing had come up. The fitter told her the smaller band/larger cup combo was better while the customer thought the larger band/smaller cup combination was more comfortable.

“I just want to know which was the right size so next time I’ll know what to look for,” she said.

The email got me thinking.

While there are often good reasons why a customer might do better in the long run with a smaller band, all I could think about was this woman’s fear that she chosen the “wrong” bra

The word kept buzzing through my head…wrong, … ...Read more

By Ali Cudby

In the immediate aftermath of the CurveNY show, I’m still processing the gorgeous garments I saw to determine what it all means for lingerie retailers. In the meantime, one topic that immediately jumped out me was a presentation by Lelo about the post-50 Shades of Gray era. The bottom line? Vanilla is the new black.


The past few years seemingly everyone has been heavily influenced by kink. You couldn’t swing a flogger without smacking handcuff, blindfold and bondage-themed lingerie and accessories. Women had their fun, and men hardly knew what hit them (literally or figuratively).

In December 2012, pleasure product company LELO began a yearlong study of customer behavior over more than 25,000 participants.

In the aftermath of the book, a lot of women experimented in the bedroom (or the kitchen…or in public). The survey shares some fun statistics revealing increases in erotic activities ranging from threesomes … ...Read more

By Ali Cudby


All of a sudden, CURVExpo, the American lingerie trade show, is upon us! Where did summer go?

Retailers are busy making appointments and considering strategies for surviving New York in August without melting.

Vendors have made their last minute adjustments to samples, finalized line sheets and are now focused on making sure the product fits the models (and burning the sage in hopes that those models show up, looking just like they did in the casting session.)

In a previous column, we looked at the Curve event itself and the highlights of this year’s New York and Las Vegas shows.

Let’s review three keys to making the time spent at a trade show valuable. The goal is to ensure the precious moments away from your retail environment pay off for the business.

1)     Arrive With A Plan

Walking into a trade show causes eyeball overload, even … ...Read more

By Ali Cudby

search-marketingaThere are tricks retailers can use to top Google search results, and every retailer should aspire to page one in search engines. Being on page one means more customers – and new, potential customers – will see your business name, click the link and interact with you.

Not only that, the more real estate you occupy on page one of Google search results, there is less impact from that  negative Yelp review that might be out there. Minimizing negative Yelp reviews also empowers you to deal with the occasional customer who uses social media as a threat – “give me what I want, or else.” (Not that these moments happen often, of course…)

All of these are tools in your arsenal, designed to boost your online reputation and your lingerie business.

In The Intimate Circle, an online membership program designed to help lingerie businesses grow and … ...Read more

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