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Soft, elegant, timeless and seductive. The fabulous Comfort Classics Lace V-Neck T-Shirt and Side Laced Brief by Blackspade should be in every woman’s lingerie collection. With modal blended fabrics trimmed in silky lace and designed with comfort in mind, this sportive t-shirt top can be worn for lounging, sleep, out on the town or as a pretty layer. Currently available in white, cream and black. Navy and this gorgeous shade of grey will premier in May.

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Perfect for all seasons, Blackspade Thermal level II collection features outstanding active wear with pleasant wearing comfort, suitable for both moderate and high body activities, from cold to warm conditions.

Specially designed fibers are used in Blackspade Thermal Level II Collection providing advantages at their highest level, which are;

  1. Warmth; the engineered cross section traps pockets of air to protect and insulate against the cold.
  2. Moisture Management; It breathes and the moisture is transported away from the skin through the fabric by the capillary action of the fibre.
  3. Softness; has a unique cross-section with a crenelated surface. This creates fabrics and garments with an extremely soft handle for superb next-to-skin comfort.
  4. Natural origin; Natural fibres are used on the fabric.
  5. Lightweight; Special fibers are used for Blackspade Thermal for lightness.

Easy-care; Can be washed at 40ºC without losing their shape, style and color.

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Every woman will find her favorite, luxurious underwear combination from the Blackspade Private Collection. These ultra soft camis and briefs are prepared with the elegant harmony of fabrics blended with 95% cotton and 5% elastane in combination with laces. The undershirts are side seamless by wrapping the body completely without any trace on body.

Perfect for everyday wear, there are three styles of singlets featuring luxuriously soft fabric and lace. Pair with your choice of 9 different panty styles from maxi, midi, brief to bikini and high leg in 3 colors. Panties are underlined with an additional layer made of towel in crotch providing more hygiene.

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Winter is upon us and if you are an outdoor enthusiast or just like to stroll around your neighborhood you’ll want to be sure to add a layer of Blackspade Thermal underwear to keep you warm and dry.

Blackspade Thermal underwear for men, women & children is perfect for keeping the body warm and maintaining that warmth. Specially manufactured yarns and insulated special parts in their fabric provides superior protection against cold. The cross-section structure of special yarns used in BLACKSPADE Thermal Fabrics causes the fabric to keep much more air so it increases the thermal insulation property.

Keeping dry is crucial for those who are active in the cold weather! Skiers, snowboarders, skaters, hikers even sailors will not only keep warm but DRY thanks to breathing capability of Blackspade Thermal underwear. Moisture on the skin is exhausted through capillary parts of the fabric – plus this prevents the formation … ...Read more

From luxurious underwear to sleep and lounge wear Blackspade is made exclusively for the modern consumer who wants to chose their apparel that reflects their way of life! Dozens of collections in Women, Men and Children categories.

Blackspade achieved to make the naturalness real in daily life as much as ” naturalness of first underwear “ due to the superior quality of fabric and accessory in products. Natural as much as first underwear in the history!

Having a fashionable, dynamic and self-confident look, Blackspade’s Men’s “MOOD” Collection presents a challenging style with its comfortable cotton / modal fabrics, slim bindings and special elastics.  This lavish woman’s micro modal Comfort Collection tee with beautiful v-neck and cap sleeve lace detail gives superior substance and body.


Girls & Boys: This collection was designed durable for frequent washing considering the active lifestyles of this age group. We offer a collection which consists of … ...Read more

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