Spotlight on Le Mystère

Natural Comfort Racerback bra from Le Myster is subtly sexy & supportive - featured on Lingerie BriefsNew addition from Le Mystere – Natural Comfort Racerback is a subtly sexy, yet highly functional bra made with a super soft modal and lace band racerback. Plush contour cups with a micro touch liner are seamlessly molded with a modal spandex jersey that disappears under clothing. A plunging sweetheart neckline highlights a clean, metallic rose gold easy-clasp front closure.Natural Comfort Racerback bra from Le Myster is in Blue Night Sky and Pink Shell. - featured on Lingerie BriefsLayered soft-touch lace creates a stunning racerback with an open window design. 2-ply modal back band encases allelastics and comfortably hugs the body. Peached soft shoulder straps are fully adjustable with rose gold hardware and have modified stretch in the larger sizes.… Read More

Le Mystere's Modern Mesh Contour Bra is Sheer & Supportive - featured on Lingerie BriefsDesigned with the same ultra-fine quality mesh as its sister style, Modern Mesh Unlined, Modern Mesh Contour also features plush, demi contour cups which are seamlessly wrapped in the luxurious mesh and feature a highly flexible polymer wire. The flexible wire is a light gauge with a more open shape which flexes to support your size.Le Mystere's Modern Mesh Contour Bra in black and shell - featured on Lingerie BriefsSuper soft, peached elastic with a seam-free join once again run from the center front of the bra up through the strap and on the bottom band to anchor this brain place on the body and provide excellent support.… Read More

new from Le Mystere - Lace Comfort Unlined Bra as featured on Lingerie BriefsLe Mystere presents a brand new collection with a focus on fit, fashion and comfort. Lace Comfort Unlined Bra is a full-fit, unlined silhouette with a seamlessly molded modern look. While the lace is visually stunning and impactful, it’s also incredibly flat. New technology in yarns and lace machinery can now knit a pretty lace that is free of surface texture and cording. Thanks to the high spandex content and ultra-fine yarn, the lace can be super soft and mold to large sizes. new from Le Mystere - Lace Comfort Unlined Bra as featured on Lingerie BriefsLace Comfort Unlined is light yet supportive with full coverage, center-pull cups for comfortable everyday wear.… Read More

Le Mystere Light Luxury Spacer Bra featured on Lingerie BriefsThanks to its seamlessly molded, full coverage spacer cups, Le Mystere’s Light Luxury is able to offer a lightness that is perfect for the hot summer months. Featuring the newest generation of fine grade spacer, these cups will not crease or crush. The monofilament used in the cup is tightly packed, giving it a soft stretch and smooth hand with nice body and shaping, all while maintaining the light breathable qualities you love about a spacer.
Le Mystere Light Luxury Spacer Bra featured on Lingerie Briefs
The inside cup features a mesh side sling to help smooth the tissue and bring the breast front and forward.… Read More

Le Mystere introduces a wireless bralette! The Infinite Comfort Bralette as featured on Lingerie BriefsFor the first time ever, Le Mystere is excited to be introducing a wireless bralette! The Infinite Comfort Bralette features super soft and stretchy high shine microfiber that we all love. The center pull molded 2ply cups feature a hidden inner layer of light mesh for support, molding and lifting your natural shape.Le Mystere Infinite Comfort Bralette in 3 colors as featured on Lingerie BriefsComfortable 4way stretch microfiber wraps a triangle frame and lays comfortably against the body. Clean finish back wings with encased elastics ensure supreme comfort. Strap and neckline edges are finished with the lightest flat elastic that lays completely smooth against the skin.… Read More

Le Mystere ~ Infinite Comfort Unlined Bra as featured on Lingerie BriefsThe recently introduced Infinite Comfort Unlined is a sleek and tailored everyday unlined underwire bra designed to feature Le Mystere’s silky, high-shine microfiber with four-way stretch for extreme fit flexibility and comfort. Three-ply, seamlessly molded cups mold to the natural shape of the breast.

Thanks to the hidden layer of light and breathable mesh sandwiched in between, this style offers excellent support and shaping. Completely clean- finished, full coverage cups are built up to include center-pull, front shoulder straps that do not dig into the shoulders.… Read More

Le Mystere Infinite Comfort panties - 4 shapes featured on Lingerie BriefsDesigned to be the most comfortable panties in the Le Mystere collection and your drawer is Infinite Comfort! This 4-silhouette pant collection is all about the fantastic, soft and comfortable 4-way stretch, hi-shine microfiber that moves with your body and features a no-show ribbon leg finishing and waist band. Thanks to the stretchy nature of the fabric and elastics, we are able to offer dual sizing of S/M & L/XL with confidence knowing that the fit will be commensurate with what is expected with Le Mystere.… Read More

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