Spotlight on Skarlett Blue

Skarlett Blue Dreamer Ribbed Bodysuit as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Skarlett Blue’s venture into the loungewear market last year was not only smart merchandising it was unexpectedly clairvoyant. Although the category was growing in the Intimate Apparel market, one could not have known how a worldwide pandemic would forever change consumer priorities. Now, the brand’s focus on the category is more than farsighted, it’s good business. The current Dreamer Collection proves the point. Completely compliant with its customer profile, Skarlett Blue has developed two contemporary … Read More


Today, we are very pleased to welcome Skarlett Blue Lingerie to our Partner Spotlight. Launched 5 years ago, this brand deserves kudos for its smart immersion into the Intimate Apparel market. It goes without saying that the Dana-Co development and production process anchoring the Skarlett Blue platform has contributed to the outstanding design and fit inherent in each style. But what appeals most to my merchandising psyche is how systematically they have … Read More

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