Spotlight on The Little Bra Company


The Yvonne lace trim moulded bra from The Little Bra Company for petite frames as featured on Lingerie Briefs

When I was younger I thought that only women with larger cup sizes had lingerie issues. It must be so easy, I thought, when you could just walk into a lingerie store and buy anything on the rack! It wasn’t until I got older and developed a group of friends who had a wide variety of body types that I realized that petite women had just as many issues finding their size in a store. Many of them related horrible stories of being told to “go to the training bras” when they asked for their size in a department store or being told that their bra size just wasn’t worth making.… Read More


The Erika wirefree bra from The Little Bra Company as featured on Lingerie Briefs

I am back in Mexico for a month with my 6 year old grandson, a powerhouse of endless activity. It’s been one week, 100 games of Sorry, endless questions requiring immediate answers, a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle to be sorted. Between all of this, I am trying to work. How does someone so small produce so much energy? I’ve watched him grow from the toddler every grandparent brags about into a personality of his own with very distinct interests that define who he is.… Read More

by DEEDEE CROSLAND ~ Audio BriefsEmily Lau - owner of The Little Bra Company interview with Deedee Crosland - Lingerie Briefs

Emily Lau founded The Little Bra Company in 2007 out of a personal need and desire to create beautiful bras that fit petite and smaller-framed women.  Audio Briefs‘ Deedee Crosland interviews Emily and explores her efforts to balance a start-up brand with her successful career as a television producer. Ultimately her passion for designing and manufacturing niche bras for petite women won.  The Little Bra Company is now an internationally shopped brand specializing in hard to find smaller band and cup sizes.… Read More

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