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Submitted by Janice Welch, owner of Just For You Fine Lingerie in Waterloo, Ontario

I have always had a passion for lingerie from a very early age; my first set I ever bought at 18 was electric blue (it was the 80s lol) with matching garter. I dreamed of owning my own lingerie store but never in a million years thought it would be a reality.  I’m an English girl with big boobs and moved to Canada in 2003. Buying lingerie that fits was a nightmare and there was no one in my area that could do the job.  That’s when I decided that I can’t be the only big busted lady in Canada and I opened my store in 2007.  We offer full fittings and carry over 150 sizes in store at all times.  My dream finally became my reality and for 5 0f those 7 yrs we have … ...Read more

TFR_Transparent_Logo_tm_HR-det Submitted by Bekah Anderson, owner of The Fitting Room in Grayslake, Illinois

After stumbling upon a part-time job at a lingerie boutique in 2006, I almost instantly fell in love with doing bra fittings. At the time, I hadn’t thought it would turn into a career… but I quickly found a deep passion for helping women feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. 6 ½ years later, I opened The Fitting Room!


My boutique is situated on the first floor of a historic building in a small town near Chicago. I wanted to design a space that didn’t look or feel like a retail store… a place that felt private, cozy, and feminine. I envisioned women walking through the door, and immediately feeling as though they could let their guard down, opening themselves up to an enjoyable experience while bra shopping. In addition to the visual “feel” of the … ...Read more

BELLEFLEUR_ColorLogo_RGBHello, my name is Lindsey Runyon, and I’m the owner of Bellefleur Lingerie Boutique in Seattle, WA. Working in a lingerie boutique was my first job when I was just 15 years old. The mother of my boyfriend at the time owned a store in Kirkland, WA (where I grew up) and asked if I wanted to work, and I said “why not?”. From my first day steaming silk nightgowns in the back, I was hooked. I loved the products, the store environment, and the customers, and always thought “one day I want to own a lingerie store.” I didn’t really give any thought to when or how.

I went on with my life and went to college for interior design, and started my own interior design business. While I was building my interior design business in 2009, I went to work for Jennifer Carroll—at the time she was … ...Read more

Featuring ~ Trashy Diva

TrashyDiva_Logo_Long-smSubmitted by Candice Gwinn, owner of Trashy Diva in New Orleans, Louisiana

My clothing company, Trashy Diva, expanded to include a fully-stocked lingerie shop shortly after Hurricane Katrina. It became clear to me that women wanted to see a bigger selection of beautiful intimates that just wasn’t being found in the French Quarter. I’ve always been a fan of corsetry and carried a large selection of traditional Victorian-inspired, steel boned corsets in our dress shop. So, naturally, I loved the idea of stocking even more undergarments!


As you may know, the Trashy Diva brand is based on retro style, and although we don’t make most of the lingerie that we stock, we are passionate about well-crafted styles in fine fabrics that get their inspiration from bygone eras. We’ve worked to significantly expand our selections in the past year by opening our second lingerie shop on Magazine Street, and our … ...Read more

Featuring ~ Iris Lingerie

iris-lingerie-logo-nSubmitted by Iris Clarke, owner of Iris Lingerie in Brooklyn, NY

I started working in a corset lingerie store when I was a teenager. While I was working there, I encountered a lot of challenges such as fitting bras and girdles. I then moved on to Bloomingdales in the 1980’s and worked along with buyers. During my nine years at Bloomingdales a company called Wacoal entered the scene, as well as LaPerla, Lejaby, Rigby &Peller and more. My next stop was at Le Mystѐre where I worked with bra design for 9 years. One of the bras happened to be the Tisha, a big showcase bra on the Oprah Winfrey Show.


Then I took a big leap and made the heartfelt decision to open my own shop. With all of my experience at working and interacting with numerous companies, I made it my life’s mission to give women of all … ...Read more

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