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Daring Greatly by Brene Brown on Lingerie Briefs

A couple weeks ago I might have binge watched Catastrophe, the very fun, quirky English sitcom.

Sorry, not sorry.

So last week, when I found myself pointing the remote blankly at the screen, I decided I needed to ease up on the TV junk food and feed my brain some protein.

I turned on the Ted Talk channel and watched the amazing offering by Brené Brown on Listening To Shame.

In this talk (which I HIGHLY recommend – way more than Catastrophe) Brown makes an observation that goes directly to the experience of every woman in the lingerie fitting room.

Namely, she talks about the difference between guilt and shame. According to Brown, guilt is the belief that “I did something bad,” while shame says “I am bad.”
Guilt is an error – I made a mistake.

Shame is the internalized feeling that when something goes … ...Read more


Own Your Power


“Own Your Power” — that was the title of the conference I attended last week in Washington DC.

The line-up of speakers was tremendous – from Congresswomen and Commissioners to CEOs and leaders in both the public and private sectors. All of them women.

While the panels covered a wide range of industries and topics, the message was remarkably consistent.

Be clear about what you love to do, and do it.

In business, most of the time we focus on the second half of the statement – the doing. We choose inventory, hire employees, create marketing campaigns and merchandise. The grind of doing is a hungry beast that chews away our time without allowing a lot of room for stepping back and thinking, let along taking the time to strategize.

And yet…

The clearer you are about your business, the easier it is to … ...Read more


Women-Empowerment on Lingerie Briefs

The work to empower women comes in many forms, especially in the world of lingerie. For retailers, manufacturers, and everyone else, your success ultimately boils down to one thing.

You are only as good as your team.

And yet the nature of lingerie is that employees can be transient. Sometimes employees come on board and can’t handle the intimacy of lingerie – particularly in a retail store. They come into a business, are confronted by all the emotions that women have in the fitting room, and they bail out. Some, on the other hand, start working in lingerie, thrive on the opportunity to help women step into their best selves.

Sometimes even these successful retail employees don’t stay – for all the right reasons.

Helping your employees find their best selves in a retail store is a powerful way to view the transitions that some retailers see … ...Read more


“Her bra could be better.”

Patti Lupone in Rose's Turn on Lingerie Briefs

Instead of focusing completely on the legendary Patti LuPone’s Rose’s Turn finale, that’s what Lori Kaplan, owner of New York City’s Bra*Tenders, was thinking as she watched a dress rehearsal of Gypsy.

Fortunately for Lori, Bra*Tenders has been serving Broadway’s undergarment needs for years. She was at the theater to see Gypsy as a professional, not a tourist. It was easy enough to get a note to the Costume Designer with a suggestion to swap out LuPone’s bra. The response was that, “a design decision had already been selected for LuPone’s wardrobe, but if [Kaplan] wanted to send one as a gift, they would pass it along.”

Kaplan took them up on the offer and sent over a bra, gratis. LuPone tried the gifted bra – and loved it. She sent back an autographed photo inscribed, “Boy do you guys really know … ...Read more

When Lingerie Saves Lives



In the lingerie industry, we talk about ways lingerie enhances – and even transforms – lives. Sometimes it goes deeper. Sometimes lingerie can literally save a customer’s life.

Three years ago, Esprit de la Femme Lingerie experienced one of those moments. Nelson, where the store is located, is a small town in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada. So it was notable when Glenn, a burly local truck driver, began frequenting the store.

Eventually, he shared something startling with Esprit de la Femme owner, Cheryl Côté. Glenn had feelings about lingerie, and about himself. He could no longer rule out the possibility that his true self was a woman, not the man his body said he was. He wanted to explore the connection between the lingerie and the complex feelings he was experiencing.

In time, he took more steps toward the person he felt inside – the … ...Read more

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