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Almost Braless

By LINDA DYETTAlmost Braless - Linda Dyett, photo - Sara Messinger NYTimes featured on Lingerie BriefsI live in the East Village—notorious for its (fantastic) restaurants, its quirky little retail businesses (a goodly number of which, including Azeleas, the lingerie shop, have survived the shutdown), and the hordes of NYU, Cooper Union, St. John’s, and New School students, as well as the oddball artists, designers, and freelancers who occupy the neighborhood. This area, like Bushwick and Williamsburg, is something of a style bellwether. So when I began noticing … Read More

By LINDA DYETTNegative Underwear as featured on Lingerie BriefsFor several decades now, I’ve been writing about fashion—a passion of mine—every aspect of it, from design and fabrication to merchandising, retailing, and etailing. And always I look for the restless leading edge—the clothes (including underwear) that turn away from predictable, cookie cutter styles and capture–or better yet intuit and inform–the mood and needs of the changing times.

That’s what Negative Underwear, the brand with the unusual name, is all about. … Read More

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Ellen Lewis, principal partner of Lingerie Briefs has been delivering results for dozens of apparel retail and wholesale clients for over 30 years. Ellen has held positions in both the corporate as well as the entrepreneurial environment of a private business.  This combination has provided strong managerial experience, as well as hands on participation in all aspects of buying, merchandising, sales, and product development.  She is well … Read More

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