By Aimee Guthinger

I’m spending the summer solstice evening sitting on Craigville Beach on Cape Cod.  With my feet tucked in the soft sand & summer temps finally settled in, it feels like a little vacation out here tonight.  So on that note I am going to take a short break from the last 2 weeks of Q & A to talk about something a bit more risqué; corsets.

Undergarments like the merry widow, the bustier, or the long line bra, each with a specific purpose are essentially all part of the corset family.  My experience within my boutique has been that people are, for the most part, polarized when it comes to this type of undergarment; they either love it or hate it.  They are either open and curious about trying one on or they flat out refuse.  On a quick side note (mainly because I would like to … ...Read more

I am a bit late this week with my blog but things slow down in Cabo, and I just could not muster up the creative juices after arriving here Saturday.  Once I had downed my customary first night Margarita and Green Chile Soup at the marina, I was already elsewhere and not in a computer state of mind.  Sunday is my regular writing day, but the beach was beckoning after which I just had to get a $20 Swedish massage that lasted 70 minutes.   We’re building a house here and there is much to tackle but the rule of thumb is laid back.  It’s something in the air.  It just infiltrates the blood and bursts the New York “gotta get it done bubble”; so please forgive my lapse.

Perfect attire for this relaxed environment is very lightweight cover-ups and so when I learned of the retail success of the Frou … ...Read more

Bridal Lingerie Q & A

By Aimee Guthinger

Now it’s time for some bridal girl-brief answers! Here’s where we last left off:

“I’d like to buy a wedding chemise for a shower gift, but is this something only meant for the brides’ mother to give?”

This is an important question, however the answer is relatively simple and goes something like this…I have yet to meet a bride who has ever received too many chemises.  She alone will decide what her wedding night lingerie will be and the beauty is that in the end only the bride & the groom will know what she chooses to wear.  Taken one step further, the more options she receives, the longer the honeymoon is likely to last even after the newlywed couple has arrived home and are beginning their lives together.  In short, I see nothing wrong with purchasing the same lingerie gift as the bride’s mother.  Just be … ...Read more

I know that Father’s Day is supposed to be all about tools and ties, but that depends on who is giving the gift.  Less we forget how the men in our lives became dads; I might suggest that one could make an argument for lingerie as the best possible celebration of your significant other on this particular holiday.  There are a slew of possibilities but I am intrigued this week with Lisa’s Folly Luxe.  This brand of luxury intimates raises the bar of expectation. Doesn’t he deserve the best?



“As Daddy Said, Life Is 95 Percent Anticipation.”
~ Gloria Swanson


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By Margaret Shrum

Henna artist Sandy Patangay is known for over a decade of designing gorgeous traditional Indian henna body decorations for brides in NYC. Last year she decided to expand her henna artistry onto gorgeous little hand decorated artisanal wedding cakes in bright colors and heart and square shapes with her company Creme Delicious. I met Sandy at a bridal marketing round table and was immediately drawn to her beautiful product. Her cakes are truly edible works of artistry, which have been featured in Oprah Magazine, Martha Stewart and several other wedding blogs.

Creme Delicious cakes require a nine-step process to come to life. Each cake has unique design taking up to 30 minutes to decorate them. Currently the cakes are shipped nationwide and retail at $25/cake with a 4 cake minimum order. They come in clear square boxes that show the 3-dimensional design of the cake. The … ...Read more

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