There has been a lot of history in the media about the American Declaration of Independence this week and I am always in awe when I hear how this evolutionary and ultimately revolutionary event occurred.  Even though I knew the basics, when I read the autobiography of John Adams by David McCullough several years ago, I was moved to another level of perception.  A consortium of individuals, led by a small group of men, with very diverse talents, came together to create the greatest political product known to mankind.   In an era where communication was limited to letters carried by horseback, they managed to set aside their differences, and combine their skills to form a more perfect union.  It was the ultimate expression of cooperation and the results prove the power of brilliant collaboration.

When I learned that the Eveden Group would be joining forces with 22 other Wacoal Divisions … ...Read more

By Aimee Guthinger

Sexy, feminine, & uniquely detailed, is this lingerie or swimwear? Perhaps it’s whatever you want it to be! With the boundaries becoming increasingly blurred between ready-to-wear, swimwear, loungewear & intimates I am using the Letarte Swimwear Trunk Show taking place at my store on Cape Cod this week as an opportunity to talk about a modern day phenomena that I refer to as pliant fashion.  This is my own terminology and loosely attempts to describe those instances when a garment offers more than one wearable option within a wardrobe.
Is that a chemise to sleep or lounge in, or can it also be worn as outerwear? Are those lounging pants, maybe for pilates class or can I pair them with a cocktail top & heels to wear out to dinner? Is that a beach cover up or an easy summer dress? In a shorter length, perhaps it’s … ...Read more

Fifty Shades Of Corsetry

By Aimee Guthinger

So it would seem, like every other woman (and likely a lot of men) in the world right now, I am reading Fifty Shades of Grey.  I started the trilogy as a homework assignment because of the impact the series appears to be having on pop culture, as well as retail sales in a number of realms.  However, it was not until hearing from a friend that an 86 year old male client announced, with great enthusiasm upon arrival to her office, that he was also reading the books.  After that, I was committed to write a  blog on this literary phenomenon.  While I have heard from some who were not impressed, the majority of my friends have reported (myself included) that it is difficult to put the story down.  I don’t agree with (or practice) a good deal of the content, but I have been … ...Read more

I have to leave Cabo in a few days and I am not happy about it, particularly because my husband gets to stay to oversee the house we are building here.  I just can’t figure out where the time goes and why I always pack a suitcase full of useless stuff.  The days are so leisurely. It takes hours to get going and when we finally do, it usually requires only a sundress or a bathing suit. The air is infused with a sun bleached light. Vivid colors pulsate against a landscape of desert white.  Hot and breezy; this is a less is more atmosphere. Everything is about  letting go, chilling out, being relaxed, staying cool  and feeling a modicum of freedom from the constraints of the daily squeeze. In fact, getting this blog out was somewhat of a trial for me today.

But alas, duty calls and so … ...Read more

Today, I decided to take a quick run through the Puerto Paraiso in downtown San Lucas.  This mall is situated at the Marina, a mecca for detainees from the cruise ships  that anchors in the bay for a day of shopping  in Los Cabos.  I could not help my curiousity even though the whole tourist thing is not my style.  I guess it was the merchant in me, but I had to see what products are the big players in this space.  Well, besides the usual suspects:   silver jewelry, T-shirts, hats, flip flops and sunglasses, I counted 9 boutiques that carried swimwear and beach cover-ups.  And that was just on the main floor. To put this in perspective, I found one lingerie store.  All I kept thinking about was how well the Zinke swimwear line would do in this particular nautical haven.  From color, shape and freestyle attitude, this brand … ...Read more

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