Second Impressions

imgthe-shawshank-redemption2I love to read.  Many authors are harbored in my home library;  but Stephen King was never a resident until several years ago when I saw  The Shawshank Redemption on television and learned that he had written the book.  I had always assumed that King’s prolific output was anchored completely in the horror genre and that his popularity, certainly well earned, was due to such tomes as The Shining or Carrie.  But after I saw the movie, I decided to delve deeper into King’s body of work.  Subsequently, I read The Green Mile and The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon and relearned an important lesson; never judge a book by its cover.  Now I am a fan of this fantasy fiction writer for whom my initial impression belied the depth and breadth of his craft.

When I first saw the Demi-Cami from Second Base, I could not … ...Read more

A Little Pop!


It is July 4, 2010 and I am lamenting my absence from my traditional  Independence Day venue:  Schroon Lake, NY in the Adirondack Mountains. In this small mountain town, the virtues of Americana, from the annual Main Street parade, to a lakeside picnic and fireworks exploding over a darkening sky remind us of the values of our heritage while serving up a visceral promise of hope and change.  I have witnessed a bevy of pyrotechnic displays in my ever lengthening life, none more spectacular than the explosive eye candy provided by the world renowned Grucci brothers on the Hudson River in NYC.  I even had the opportunity of a firsthand viewing on the Macy’s executive boat while working there.  When it comes to pure glamor, nothing can compare.  But this holiday is not just about sizzle and sass; it also evokes a sense of respect for America’s ability to transcend … ...Read more

It’s Not A Dream

productions_amsnd_bigI am definitely not a Shakespearean scholar. I have difficulty trudging through the Old English verbiage, but I cannot deny that the renowned bard was a great artist.  His plays were the foundation for countless renditions of original plots that flowed from his imagination and have continued to fuel story lines to this day.  Understanding his writing is essential to understanding literature.  It’s just that I prefer to witness this artistry visually.  The production enables the narration; thus, the elaborate costumes and passionate execution by skilled performers support a message that is sometimes difficult to understand but worth delving into.  With Shakespeare things are not always what they seem.

I have been watching  Affinitas Intimates for the past year after having reviewed the brand with a client at Curve.  Initially, I assumed that the great price points of this sassy line had to mean there was a hidden flaw.  When … ...Read more

X Marks the Spot

zakumiI was never really a soccer mom.  My children focused on other sporting disciplines, figure skating, swimming and baseball.  However, I got a lot of exposure to this global phenomenon from my sister, who was the Executive Director of MSI (Montgomery Soccer) in Maryland and her husband, who was a national soccer referee.  Believe me; I have heard the war stories.  This sport has crept into the American psyche via the youth of our country and even though the fan base in North America cannot compare to the universal obsession of what the rest of the world calls “football”, I can guarantee, that interest is rising.  Right now, the World Cup is dominating the hearts and souls of the International community and even in the USA, we are following the progress of our team as they vie for respect in this athletic spectacle.  The patriotic fan base and easy access … ...Read more

Something Blue

blue nude with hair in the windAs a teenager, I spent time in France with the Experiment in International Living.  The objective was a total immersion into the French culture.  I learned to speak French, traveled to the Pyrenees Mountains as well as the beaches in Marseilles and visited countless museums.  But it was in Paris at The Grand Palais where I saw an exhibit of Matisse’s paper gouache cutouts that I had my first “ah ha” moment. Created during the last 15 years of his life, these paintings made with scissors, are a celebration of freedom and the transformation of shape into pure color.   They are powerful because they are playful, naive expressions of joy.  Mesmerized by his Blue Nudes, I purchased a poster (all I could afford) which hung on the wall of my college dormitory, my first apartment and later my first home.  Now this lyrical blue statement adorns my daughter’s living … ...Read more

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