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Jane Woolrich Bridal Lingerie as Featured on Lingerie Briefs

This season the bridal business is burgeoning. Wedding plans surge as the pandemic subsides. That’s good news for the Intimate Apparel business. As I have said before:

“There is an alchemy between the Lingerie and Bridal Industries. Both worlds are devoted to the feminine self. The products revealed in this space are about beauty and self-esteem; their purpose to bring pleasure, passion, and gratification to a woman’s life.”

In this post, I … Read More


Christine Silk's Morton Men's Silk robe collection as feature on Lingerie Briefs

I’ve been snooping around the Men’s Lingerie market for several seasons now, but have resisted covering it  with the exception of some cool underwear because, well, frankly married to a flannel shirt kind of man, it’s never been on my personal radar. However, I sense a sea change in the market, an interest in men’s nightwear that goes beyond the European recognition of the inherent value of fine men’s sleep and loungewear. … Read More

Samantha Chang Lingerie photographed by Stephanie Hynes for Lingerie BriefsSamantha Chang

As an on-line platform, even though we at Lingerie Briefs are also experiencing the ramifications of this unprecedented situation, we have been lucky to have increased our readership. We wanted to offer the brands this outlet as they navigate through this inconceivable time warp in business. 26 brands responded to our offer. As a result, we are splitting this editorial into 2 parts, today and next Wednesday, June 3.

Dita Von Teese Lingerie photographed by Stephanie Hynes for Lingerie BriefsDita Von Teese

Originally, … Read More


Va Bien Bridal Lingerie as featured on Lingerie Briefs

As I culled together this portfolio of lingerie bridal images, I started a search for fine art icons that were inspired by wedding scenes. Paintings from masters such as Marc Chagall, Edmund Blair Leighton, Grace Hartigan and Frank Salisbury beckoned.  The history of art  has long been inspired by brides and that was my intent as I prepared to integrate them into this blog. The concept of merging art with experience resonates … Read More

Photographed by STEPHANIE HYNESCommando bodysuit photographed by Stephanie Hynes for Lingerie BriefsCommando

In search of a theme for our holiday lingerie fashion editorial, Stephanie and I wanted to stay true to our creative aesthetic. How classic is the Nutcracker Suite! I suggested a story about the intimate world in which the dancers live while they are backstage in rehearsal and during the performance. Thirty two brands contributed to this visual panorama of exquisite intimates photographed to capture the symbiotic relationship between lingerie … Read More


Skin silk lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

My move back to Mexico was fairly seamless. In fact, my husband and I both commented on the ease of transition between two very different lifestyles. The pros: well for one, no adjustment curve. The con: the sense of adventure seems to have dissipated. After 6 years, the process has become status quo. I miss the edge that comes with anticipation. Don’t get me wrong, every component of this venue (except water … Read More

Phoenix Rising ~ Christine Silk


The Phoenix silk robe by Christine silk on Lingerie Briefs

In a culture dedicated to simplicity and price, I have begun to muse about the position of silk lingerie in today’s evolving shopping environment. It brings back memories of my early days (the 1980’s) in Intimate Apparel, when, at the helm of the Macy’s private label initiative, I was tasked to research the rise of a business whose momentum was just picking up. The business was silk. The front-line was at Victoria’s … Read More

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