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My mother was a warm, selfless and strong woman whose standard for correct behavior was off the scales.  She had an excellent eye for quality, a fine tuned ear for integrity and a keen understanding of value.  A few days ago, my brother reminded me that we–including my sister-had a bit of Toledo, Ohio in each of us.   How could we not deny that influence on our DNA?   She was, however, a bit too conservative … Read More


samantha chang as featured on Lingerie BriefsSamantha Chang

Evolution is a jewel in the crown, an elegant display of boutique brands. I had intended to combine the Evolution NY and Curve NY  show into one market report. The insights are not that different. I have over 600 images that reflect this point. However, even edited down, there are just too many for one post. Two shows in separate locations proved a bit  challenging for the attendees. This I … Read More

By KATRINA EUGENIAPhotography by Katrina Eugenia as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Once again, I find myself in awe of the extraordinary talent and pro-active attitude of photographer and artist, Katrina Eugenia. This season, she has outdone herself with these swimwear videos, each highlighting an individual brand. This project includes Aubade, Lise Charmel, Huit and Skin bathing suits filmed on Katrina, by Katrina underwater. Inspired by the incredible success of last years venture with Christine Lingerie, Katrina applied her extensive creative skills … Read More


Lady Gaga wearing MURMUR Satin Sculpt Bodysuit Red for Haus Labs Campaign featured on Lingerie BriefsLady Gaga wearing Satin Sculpt Bodysuit Red for Haus Labs Campaign (photo by Christine Hahn)

Andreea Badala, CEO and Founder of the iconic brand MURMUR, epitomizes a modern-day amazon, a woman warrior, with a seductive combination of inner strength and beauty. I met with Andreea at the Evolution Concept Show in New York and was immediately taken by her talent, passion, and expressive style.

Paris Hilton wearing MURMUR Satin Sculpt Bra Top for Cosmopolitan Spain featured on Lingerie BriefsParis Hilton wearing Satin Sculpt Bra Top Read More


Jane Woolrich Bridal Lingerie as Featured on Lingerie Briefs

This season the bridal business is burgeoning. Wedding plans surge as the pandemic subsides. That’s good news for the Intimate Apparel business. As I have said before:

“There is an alchemy between the Lingerie and Bridal Industries. Both worlds are devoted to the feminine self. The products revealed in this space are about beauty and self-esteem; their purpose to bring pleasure, passion, and gratification to a woman’s life.”

In this post, I … Read More



Fashion Lingerie Illustrations of Lise Charmel by Tina Wilson as featured on Lingerie Briefs

I do. Til death do us part. I pronounce you. I take you. I promise. Happily ever after. Tie the knot. Bliss.

Love and marriage. Spouses, couples, and the ups and downs of matrimony are making the headlines and some big waves. Do you stand by a spouse that encourages and helps orchestrate a government takeover? Do you recuse yourself or better yet resign from the highest court or do you pretend … Read More


Bordelle Lingerie as Featured on Lingerie Briefs

Trepidation, Anticipation and Evolution: the 2022 trade show season resumes with the opening of several expositions beginning this weekend (2/6 – 2/7) with a Private Showing in Los Angeles at the historical Culver City Hotel in Culver City, California. Initially conceived as a collaboration between sale’s reps and brands in order to meet production deadlines, it is being spearheaded by Samantha Chang’s Evolution Concepts Platform. 55 labels will be participating including … Read More

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