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Celebrating Your Body

by Margaret Shrum

I invite you to take some time to yourself, make a cup of tea or have a glass of wine and write an “Ode to your body”.  It can be about one specific body part, like your thighs, tummy, your wrists, whatever you desire. Or you can write an ode to your entire body. I found it incredibly liberating and healing to slow down and celebrate myself as I wrote my ode … Read More

Suit Up For Summer

By Jené Luciani
8 Steps to Finding the Perfect Swimsuit

This time of year, the barrage of bra questions I receive on a daily basis inevitably turns instead to those regarding something that’s just as tough to find the right fit – swimwear.

When it comes to quintessential California-chic fashions, few designers come to my mind more quickly than Trina Turk. Turk’s women’s wear collections – known for impeccable fit and gorgeous prints and … Read More

by Margaret Shrum

Hands down, confidence is the sexiest accessory that a woman can wear.  Being perfect is so passé….It’s time to celebrate what makes you as a woman unique and take it up a notch, even flaunt it! Have fun with your quirkiness, brag about how smart you really are, play up your natural born talents and boldly shout it out to the world. No apologies for you curves, or your long lean … Read More

by Richard Vincente

Censorship is a weapon that works best when it’s used sparingly, if at all. It’s the cultural equivalent of a nuclear deterrent.

Most people in marketing, advertising and programming understand this and play by the rules. But the shadowy group of individuals and quasi-legitimate authorities who monitor and enforce community standards have itchy trigger fingers. For them, censorship isn’t just a deterrent, it’s a way of defining what’s acceptable by shooting down … Read More

Undressing For Success

by Richard Vincente


 Lana Del Rey had barely started her new life as the pop music world’s new ‘It Girl’ when she made a curious career move: posing in a What Katie Did bullet bra for I-D magazine and, soon afterwards, a Prada bodysuit for V magazine.

Both photos were published a month before the release of Lana’s first album and her sleepy, much-discussed performance on Saturday Night Live. Even though many people … Read More

by Rhea Cortado

photo by Bielmann/SPL, via

December and January is North Shore season in Hawaii. Without getting too technical, it’s when winter storm swell collides into the north side of the Hawaiian islands, waves are famously huge and that’s when all the big surf contests happen. I’ve been following the flesh and glory on surfing blogs, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Fans and pundits may disagree on many things when it comes down to … Read More

by  Jené Luciani

As a fitness instructior, I do a lot of jumping. Is it possible that not wearing the right sports bra can make your boobs sag?                           Jolene Mathews

Ah, the sagging debate. Great question, Jolene. Everyone always wants to know what really causes sagging. In short, one word: Gravity! This entire issue is covered in depth in The Bra Book and I interviewed several doctors to get their professional opinions, and pulled together … Read More

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