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This week’s Intimate Discovery: Two capital boutiques cater to quality

I usually don’t get an opportunity to visit lingerie shops located outside the NY metropolitan area. What a treat it was, then, to stop by two very unique, very different and very well merchandised boutiques when I traveled to Maryland this week to visit my sister and do a little sightseeing in Washington D.C.  I was impressed at how well each store understood its customer’s … Read More

Shaping the Future

As an art student, traveling through Italy, I was introduced to the genius of Michelangelo when I first saw the legendary statue of David at the Accademia in Florence.   In those days it was possible to get close to the sculpture, close enough to touch the marble. The vision of this historic icon carved in a hard polished stone brought me to tears, because the artist had managed to render every anatomical detail of … Read More

Body Art

tattooWhen I think about why I love lingerie, I always fall back on the concept of Body Art.  In the same way that color or shape can define a blank canvas, lingerie defines the female form.  Allowing the body to emerge, a woman’s lingerie is a personal expression of her most intimate self.  Artistic expression has always been my passion and so when I discover a new idea that addresses this feeling, I am always … Read More

A Little Pop!


It is July 4, 2010 and I am lamenting my absence from my traditional  Independence Day venue:  Schroon Lake, NY in the Adirondack Mountains. In this small mountain town, the virtues of Americana, from the annual Main Street parade, to a lakeside picnic and fireworks exploding over a darkening sky remind us of the values of our heritage while serving up a visceral promise of hope and change.  I have witnessed a bevy of pyrotechnic … Read More

The Age Of Discovery

ellen 60 birthday cakeThis weekend was a transformational time in my life.  As the youngest of my 3 children graduated from college and I celebrated my 60th birthday, I feel energized by the possibilities before me.  I am excited about the potential challenges and the freedom to try new things.  I feel as if I can venture back to the pre-family days and revisit the youthful expectations that defined my aesthetic; but now, I do this with … Read More

Feminine Mystique

cassattmotherI have always been intrigued with art that focuses on the grace and beauty of the feminine mystique.  I have collected illustrations and prints that depict woman engrossed in the simple acts of daily life; bathing, drinking a cup of tea, ironing, or nursing.  Many artists have managed this pictorial poetry to celebrate the female form, but when my first child was born, I became particularly enamored with the work of   Mary Cassatt.  Cassatt’s … Read More

In the Zone

ny-yankeesIt is October in New York. The New York Yankees are in the post season playoffs and I have become a devotee by default.  The men in my life are obsessed.  One of the lessons this iconic American sport teaches is to perform at top levels, an athlete needs to be “in the zone”.   That means feeling comfortable in your own skin and having the confidence to believe you can do it.  Digging deep to … Read More

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