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The Retro-Porn Provocateurs

by Richard Vincente

Lingerie and pornography make strangely uncomfortable bedfellows.

You might expect the two industries would be as close as kissing cousins, since they’re often selling the same thing — human arousal — to the same people. The opportunities for cross-promotion should be endless.

But you won’t find La Senza product placements in your favorite Ron Jeremy flick or Hanky Panky ads on the hotel room adult channel. Most reputable fashion lingerie brands don’t … Read More

Basic Beauty ~ Wacoal

This has been an enervating week: round trip travel to Paris for 4 full days of product analysis combined with a bit too much indulgence in French cuisine and wine.   Add to the recipe the on-going learning curve from having just launched our new website and the attention it demands, and I must admit my inspirational meter has peaked.  Sometimes one just needs comfort food.  Retreating to the familiar has a way of providing succor … Read More

by Margaret Shrum
Massage candles by Fun Factory, Lelo and Jimmy Jane
I love how a scented candle can create romantic atmosphere in any room. Crisp champagne, black fig, tuberose and  jasmine, are just a few of the exotic scents that I find pleasurable. To spice it up even more, there are a variety of soy based scented massage candles that are for pouring directly onto the body and sharing with your lover. To mark this Valentine’s Day, LELO is offering their Black Pepper … Read More

What’s In A Name?

For Lingerie Brands, It Might Be Confusion

by Richard Vincente ~
A not-so-funny thing happened last year when HOTmilk, the trendy New Zealand maternity label, was getting ready to launch its new men’s underwear brand, Milkman: someone beat them to market with a similar product, brand name and edgy sales pitch.


To make matters worse, the interloper was another Kiwi label, an upstart indie called Milk Underwear. Their debut just a few … Read More

Clear Cut ~ So De Mel

by Rhea Cortado

I was craving a new pair of spectacles, so I tried on like 10 pairs of tortoise shell frames that were some variation of Ray Ban Wayfarer glasses at the darling Gogosha Optique.  All in a row on the glass table, they looked nearly identical. But when one is actually on the face, the miniscule differences became deal breakers—too much scoop in the bottom, too straight across the brow, too thick of … Read More

About Us – Bios – Staff

Meet The Lingerie Briefs Team…

Ellen Lewis partner/editor at Lingerie Briefs

Ellen Lewis

Ellen Lewis, principal partner of Lingerie Briefs has been delivering results for dozens of apparel retail and wholesale clients for over 30 years. Ellen has held positions in both the corporate as well as the entrepreneurial environment of a private business.  This combination has provided strong managerial experience, as well as hands on participation in all aspects of buying, merchandising, sales, and product development.  She is well … Read More

Innovation ~ Cass and Co.

Architecture that challenges perception has always been a source of creative inspiration for me.  Last year, while traveling in New Mexico, I happened upon the Miraculous Staircase in the Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe. Built to solve the everyday problem of how to access the choir loft without interfering with the space in this tiny Gothic church, the carpenter accomplished a feat of engineering that boggles the imagination.  Turning 360 degrees twice this construction has … Read More

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