Lingerie Art ~ Helen Sanchez

August 14, 2012

Helen Sanchez eyelet embroidery details on silk/cotton voile

Since I think of myself more as a curator than an actual artist, the discovery of raw talent with a sustainable vision is the way I nourish my own creative appetite.  What makes the Curve show so satisfying is the ability to find an idea, a style or a designer whose presence in the Lingerie market is destined to make a difference.   There is a variety of  contributions that a well-conceived product can transfer to the bottom line, but first and foremost, nothing quite surpasses the impact of pure beauty when the subject is lingerie.  A uniquely feminine process, intimate design is a sensual and exquisite art form that, when well executed, ignites a very visceral impulse.

This is the reaction I had when I initially saw the Helen Sanchez collection at CurveNY last February.  But since continuity is how I reinforce my perspective, it was at this August show that I locked in my opinion.  This is an investment brand, classic and elegant.  Clearly crafted with a well-schooled eye for intimate fit and function, these are luxury styles that manage to maintain a relaxed and comfortable attitude.  Helen Sanchez - Lace applique on knitAn interesting Helen Sanchez eyelash lace pastels on silk cami'smélange of modernity with bohemian Paris, pre-war Berlin, and art deco influences, Helen’s personal passion for intimate design is quite clear.  Her brand is a gallery of timeless lingerie art.

“Every concrete object
has abstract value,
is timeless in the
dream parallel.” 
Hilda Doolittle


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