Deep Diving With Commando® Swim

June 4, 2015


Diving is a big sport down here in Cabo San Lucas.  I for one, have a whole hearted respect for the ocean, but going down that deep searching for the unknown evokes a feeling somewhat like the worry I had as a child, afraid to look under the bed after dark. Snorkeling is about as far under as I intend to go. True the rewards can be spellbinding, but I am staying near the surface. Either way, the swimsuit one wears matters, comfort first and foremost, utility for sure and gorgeous style as you emerge from the water.  That’s why I chose the Deep Dive  Swimsuit from Commando®  for this expose. Not only does it embody the signature Commando® fabric, prints and laser cut edges to guarantee easy fit, it is completely Reversible. Sexy, with a fabulous design sense, this is not your mother’s bathing suit. No wonder its a runaway best seller for this wholly Made in the USA brand.




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Ellen Lewis, Publisher of Lingerie Briefs: My merchant’s curiosity has taken me on a swimwear journey from the Miami Swim show to many shops whose robust businesses claim between 10 – 20% generated from swimwear. We began this swim column in order to highlight this potential. My research has led me to a very interesting conclusion: Swimwear is a fit business parallel to Intimates, but Swim stores and Bra Fitting stores approach the process in very different ways. Fit is priority, absolutely, in both venues, but the similarity really stops there.
Kimberly Berger is the founder/owner of Lion’s Lair Boutique Located in Islamorada in the Florida Keys. Established in 1996, Lion’s Lair Boutique has become paradise for the well-endowed and hard to fit woman. Specializing in larger cup sizes and plus sizes, Lion’s Lair offers the largest selection of cup sized swimwear, lingerie and clothing in the United States, quite possibly the world. Kimberly and her staff were the first to introduce the ‘swim bra’, an underwire garment that is designed to be worn under a tankini shell. The ‘swim bra’ offers the larger cup customer the same support as a bra but is made out of fabrics designed to get wet. Kimberly shared the concept with the designers at Eveden and shortly thereafter Elomi Swimwear was born. Designers from all over the world come to visit and consult with Kimberly and her staff who have truly become the voice of the consumer. It has become a destination store to woman seeking hard to find sizes, and an exceptional shopping experience.