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As most of you know, today is Halloween; a holiday that delights in shadowy figures and spooky costumes, and an evening when celebrations run late into the wee hours when the chilled air is filled with mystery.  Rather than go the obvious lingerie route for this special day (i.e. risqué, tasteless costumes), I wanted to present a brand that captured the moody mystery of All Hallows’ Eve.   Granted, there’s nothing spooky about Paloma Casile lingerie, but it’s definitely a brand known for its sensual dark images that are often set in dramatic black & white.  My initial impression once I discovered this brand was that it must be an editorial photographer’s dream to shoot.  Each piece by Paloma Casile easily exudes sophistication and luxury, and the details … Read more

Lingerie Got The Blues

The Lingerie Blues on Lingerie Briefs

I was all set to write my blog today about how the color blue, all across the spectrum from violet to green, has commandeered the fashion lingerie market this fall. However, my friend and colleague, Elisabeth Dale, author of The Bra Zone, beat me to the finish line last week with her blog, “Pretty Blue Lingerie That Won’t Give You The Blues.” But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I like to pursue my goals to completion and anyway, I always run my own race. In fact, Elisabeth’s title inspires me. I love the Blues. Its fundamental melancholy gave birth in the mid 1900’s to rock and roll. Two distinct and separate musical legacies, one founded in discontent and despair and the other grounded … Read more


Super comfortable, tie dyed tunics are so versatile! Made from the softest supima cotton and spandex blend, these tunics can be worn long as a dress, scrunched up as a tunic with leggings or bloused out as a shirt with a pair of jeans.  Each Rock Cotton top comes with a matching, hand-cut rock necklace and the removable hangtag details the properties of the rock. Adds a natural bit of magic! No two garments are exactly alike as they are uniquely dyed in colors pulled from the coordinating rock necklace.


Available as one size that fits to a size 16.  A PJ Harlow sister company.

Inquiries:  542 West Katella Avenue, Orange, CA 92867   (714) 532-5778Read more

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