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May 2017

Nikki’ encapsulates perfectly the new ‘Happy’ trend, combining a sense of joy, simplicity and ease. It is a return to basics and a rediscovery of simple, genuine pleasures. The curved, feminine form of the tiny daisies sublimely symbolizes that sense of cheerfulness that the warmer season heralds. The flowers are worked in embroidery and lace, making ‘Nikki’ a wardrobe essential that is easy to wear and invisible under clothes, with a unique, pleasing fit and unrivaled softness.

This lively, delightful range comes in a palette of elegant, complementary colours which makes it both contemporary and timeless at the same time. The fabrics have been chosen for their quality and performance. The embroidered stiff tulle can be moulded up to larger cup sizes thanks to its unique properties developed … Read more

Annasul Y. Wedding Dress on Lingerie Briefs

Every spring since Maggie Gillette launched her bridal brand, The Giving Bride, I find myself circling back to her collection. Maggie’s focus on this critical lingerie niche and her efforts to keep the line succinct, sophisticated, and tailored locally as well as dedicated to a charitable cause, are much of what the millennial woman seeks when she shops. These elegant understated designs stand out because of their simplicity, a perfect complement for the modern bride. My respect for Maggie’s work goes beyond her brand passion. Appreciation for the entrepreneurial spirit and the creative talent of many of her designer peers, Maggie has taken her journey into luxury lingerie to another level of recognition. Partnering with Alessandra Baker (Alessandra Mackenzie) and Melissa Franchi (Navaeh), she launched The Lingerie Selection Boutique … Read more


Tina Wilson Fashion Illustrations on Lingerie Briefs

Seamless intimate apparel is the “lovechild” of hosiery and lingerie. It’s also the name of one of my favorite songs by the Supremes.  I’ve taken note over the years how powerful lingerie companies like Spanx and Commando have entered the hosiery market. Melding the technology of hosiery machines with the design detail of lingerie has become lucrative and without the yarns and technology developed by the hosiery industry shapewear would be all seams and discomfort.

Tina Wilson Fashion Illustrations on Lingerie Briefs

In my early days while I shopped in Europe I was a hosiery junkie, buying Fogal and Wolford hosiery every time I touched down in London or Paris.  These two brands in particular were pioneers and introduced me to luxury for the legs.  I love Fogal for their colors, superb quality and … Read more

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