Bridal Briefs

Bridal Undervention

By Aimee Guthinger

People undergo interventions for a wide range of reasons.  And often, that action promotes positive change.  Lately, I have been considering the idea of an under-intervention, an “undervention” for brides. Or, for that matter, for all of the women who visit our store.

There is a subtle irony in the idea that those hidden undergarments so important to our overall look often reveal more about us than we might think. Remember the infamous panty line from an under garment intended to smooth and contour, that inadvertently cries out for the wrong kind of attention when it is sized improperly or fit inappropriately for one’s body shape? It can be embarrassing, if not humbling. Thus, an “undervention” especially for a bride to be has the power to set … Read more

Wedding Dress Shapewear

By Aimee Guthinger

If you have never been to Cape Cod, you should go.  In the nineteenth century it was the whaling capital of the world.  Today it is still home to the cantankerous, yet remarkably lovable New Englanders memorialized in films old and new.  Its unique setting and character make it one of the most loved vacation spots in the world.  Its quaint seaside villages sprinkled with sailing boats and lobster traps are surrounded by beaches and recreation of all ilk.  It is no wonder that today Cape Cod remains one of the most popular wedding destinations.

Lucky for us because in our shop, Bedroom I’s Boutique, located in Osterville, we do a lot of fittings for brides, their mothers and mothers-in-law to be, and their wedding parties.  And … Read more

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