BRIEF ALERT! Private Arts

This Week’s Intimate Discovery:  A New West Coast Panty Company Creates Undie Art

Private Arts is a LA based panty company that caught my eye at the recent CurveNY show.  I am intrigued because their DNA is right up my alley.  Founded by three artists, every design is hand drawn and then transformed into a print using the modern technical expertise available on Photoshop.  Combinations of original illustrations, photography and graphic motifs are colorfully intermingled on stretch lace to form a gallery of Undie Art.  By using underwear as their personal canvas, the artist creates an interesting synthesis of creativity and intimacy. Made exclusively in the USA, each collection is an interpretation of a unique theme.

“A Great Artist Can Paint A Great Picture On A Small Canvas.” ~ Charles Dudley Warner


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You must know by now that  I am deep in the process of packing in preparing to move.  Searching through my intimate drawers the other day in hope of paring down a bit, I uncovered my Retro Chic bra from Wacoal, which I first wrote about when it launched in the marketplace.  As you might imagine, I have a lot of bras and sometimes they get buried away.  I forgot how beautiful this style is, and how well it fits.  I wore it the whole day during my estate sale.  After all, it was nice to hold on to something that reflects my current conundrum: which elements of the past are worth retaining and how to embrace change.  This bra recalls my affinity for vintage and my need for absolute comfort and state of the art fit.  No wonder it is now part of the Wacoal basic assortment.  Check our … ...Read more


It’s 6 PM on Sunday evening and I just finished two marathon days of selling off 40 years of household paraphernalia.  It was quite intense!  We found ourselves in a frenzy, giving things away for far less than their worth and refusing to let go of items at realistic prices because they anchor our memories.  Such was the story of my antique hand drawn map of the British Isles which I purchased at age 20 while taking a course at Oxford University.  It has been hanging in my library since then representing my affinity for the UK and much of the culture that defines its character: a combination of an aristocratic history, brilliant drama, a quirky sense of humor and comfortable cozy chic.

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This Week’s Intimate Discovery:  An Established Product Solves An Unexpected Problem

NuBra is not exactly a new discovery. However, I had a major revelation about this item which I always thought was an enhancement product designated for the less endowed woman.   In fact, the first time I saw an uber thin model parading around in it, I was sure this concept was designated for a niche customer. But when Shirley, size 42 D, who abhors under-wires and practically lives in non-wire sports bras, tried the NuBra Seamless, backless, strapless bra as an experiment, my opinion changed. The moment she applied the lightweight self-adhesive cups, she knew she had found a solution to her dilemma.  It gave her a great shape and after 8 hours, she informed me that she hardly knew she was wearing a bra.  In fact, it has become her style of choice for support and comfort … ...Read more

Art ~ Chantelle

My daughter Kate’s choice of majoring in Fine Arts at Vassar College has initiated many questions about the necessity of developing “real life skills” during a child’s formative years.  It’s hard to make a living from Art.  But education is much more than meets the eye and her course of study definitely created a provocative thought process.  Maybe it was her exposure to my world as she grew up, but her fascination with textiles and the emotions that their feel and appearance evoke has influenced all of her work.  One of her earliest projects is still one of my favorite pieces.  Symphony is a lyrical expression of fluidity and lightness.  Subtle tinted layers of translucent fabric hang delicately from a supportive frame moving independently to form a simple but elegant sculpture.  The shape flows freely through space depending only on the surrounding environment to guide it.

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