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If you’ve been reading this column for the past few weeks, you know that I have been focused on the Interfilière and Salon International de la Lingerie shows, which have just wrapped up in Paris. We’ve zeroed in on textiles, interesting brands to watch, and my own particular musings on the critical influence of French Lingerie on the Intimates world. But today, it’s all about brands who find this exposition an important venue to bring their message to a global audience.  For my part, the stories told at Salon this season go beyond the usual color, shape, and style trends. It is about the body seen “more as a subject and less as an object.”

Chantelle Lingerie re-branding on Lingerie BriefsChantelle Lingerie 

Established brands are “re-branding”. Fall 2018 marketing campaigns are focused on strong, independent women. Seduction is about intelligence, not the fantasies of … Read more


Adina Reay for 28-36, DD-G cups on Lingerie Briefs

There were many interesting independent luxury brands at the Salon International de la Lingerie this year. In fact, more than usual which, I think, tells its own story about changes occurring in the Intimates market. But, as usual, a couple really “stuck in my craw” (as they used to say). Perhaps it had something to do with fashion direction: I was looking for validation of the trends we pinpointed last year at Interfiliere. But also, the product stood out on its own merit, which in my book, translates to sale’s potential. Here are four to watch.

Marika Vera bodysuits on Lingerie Briefs

Marika Vera bodysuits on Lingerie Briefs

Marika Vera (Launched in 2010): I met Marika several seasons ago at CurveNY. Then I learned  that the product was sourced in Mexico City.  It’s no secret that I am a fan of Mexican design. When I heard she was at the Paris show (there … Read more


Ellen Lewis, Tina Wilson and Alison Connolly on Lingerie Briefs

I just returned from the Paris shows, Interfiliere and Salon International de la Lingerie. This years’ experience was definitely new for us at Lingerie Briefs as we traveled more as a team with a divide and conquer attitude. Alison Connolly, our social media guru and Tina Wilson, our very talented contributing editor for design and illustration used their unique perspectives to cover the show. (Check our Instagram highlights as well as all of our future stories to come.)  Their support gave me more time to dive deeper into the stories behind the hub bub. I sensed a shift in mood, a kind of Optimism, an energy signaling change. Perhaps it’s a motivation to reach for the sky and “fix” our future

Leandro Erlich’s installation at Le Bon Marché.  Courtesy/Gabriel de La ChapelleLeandro Erlich’s installation at Le Bon Marché.  Courtesy/Gabriel de La Chapelle

Today’s post tackles Interfiliere at which fabrics and colors that … Read more

Le Dome in Paris - Ellen Lewis of Lingerie BriefsAs usual, I arrived in Paris a few days earlier than the start of the Salon de Lingerie and Interfiliere shows. AND, as usual, it was raining in January and everything was on sale. But Paris is Paris and walking around always reminds me why this city still remains a bastion of style.
Ellen Lewis Window shopping in Paris

Window shopping in Paris (above) and below ~ French cheese shop and bistro where dogs are welcome!

Ellen Lewis at French cheese shop and bistro where dogs are welcome!Of course the stores were packed with bargain hunters and I shopped quite a few. Once again Bon Marche stands a notch above. From their nod to art and their updated lingerie space, this store gets the concept of “savoir faire”
Ellen Lewis at Bon Marche

Bon Marche

The swimwear departments made the biggest impact, possibly because the merchandise was new and markdowns were nowhere to be seen.

Pain du sucre swimwear and fabulously fun bathing caps!

The shops yielded … Read more


Salua Lingerie dip dyed cotton silk sleepwear on Lingerie Briefs

As I mentioned last week in this column, I depart tomorrow for Paris in search of inspiration from the Salon de Lingerie and Interfilere shows. The former is a brand overview of silhouettes available for delivery at retail for A/W 2018. The later focuses on textiles, the very nourishment of a designer’s palette. This fabric fair looks ahead to 2019 bringing into focus the cultural influences that will drive creativity in the Lingerie market going forward. Curating this information and making it palatable for the North American market requires vision. I use the myriad of influences available to me to isolate ideas that have, in my opinion, a level of validity for the American lifestyle. One of the many messages emanating from these shows over the past few seasons is the “Lightness of Being”: free flowing, natural fabrics whose fluidity constitutes … Read more


illustration by Geoffrey Beloeil of Camile Roucher lingerie on Lingerie BriefsIllustration by Geoffrey Beloeil of Camille Roucher Lingerie

Next week I depart to Paris for the  2018 Salon de Lingerie and Interfiliere expositions. About this time each year, I begin questioning the process. Is going necessary? I have been tainted by the number of trips to this French show and the familiarity of the city so many others dream of visiting. Croissants and café au lait don’t do it for me anymore.  I often ask myself; how important is luxury lingerie in today’s retail reality? Yet, the fact is, I never return disillusioned. On the contrary, I am inspired and motivated by the “je ne sais quoi” that is the French experience.  Indefinable as this reaction is, as I listen to Hemingway’s memoir, A Moveable Feast, I finally understand. The book is a multi-course banquet, not only of the 1920’s Parisian … Read more

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