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lingerieshoppeSubmitted by Brenda Meadows, owner
of The Lingerie Shoppe in Birmingham, AL

I had been involved in a lot of volunteer work when my children were young.  I supported two major groups with my time, raising money to sustain the Alabama Symphony and then with a local group to aid children with hearing disabilities.  I also did work with my church.  After years of volunteering, a good friend and I decided that we should look into having a business.

Interior of The Lingerie Shoppe, Birmingham AL
Mountain Brook Village is a wonderful place for shops that can offer service for everyday needs as well as wonderful, unique and special things for special occasions. The Lingerie Shoppe had been a part of our community since 1946 and in 1988, we learned it was for sale. It is a full service lingerie shop, including bras and bra fitting, sleepwear, loungewear, foundation, underwear and all … Read more

sweetestsinlogoSubmitted by Angela Courtney, owner of Sweetest Sin
 in Red Bank, New Jersey

I always knew I would own a business, I come from a line of small business owners and that passion & drive was instilled in me. While putting myself through school I worked in a lingerie boutique & just fell in love with the industry & helping women. Plus I love pretty lingerie….what girl doesn’t?! It all just came together and Sweetest Sin Boutique was born and it is now my life’s passion.

Hold on….I think I’m making that sound a little too easy. It was at the beginning & it still is a lot of hard work & dedication. I did many years of research & really educating myself in all aspects before making this decision. Learning about the industry was definitely the fun part. Then there was figuring out … Read more

Featuring ~ Bra & Girl

BG LogoSubmitted by April Burch, Ph.D (aka Dr. Cleavage), Co-Owner of Great Barrington Bra & Girl in Great Barrington, Massachusetts

Bra & Girl began as the “bottle of wine idea”. When I would come home from work as a Researchphoto Scientist bemoaning the challenges of grant funding and publication, my husband would say: “Tell me what you would do if you we’re not in science?”.  I would always say “I’d have a pretty little lingerie store where I could make everyone happy and life would be great!”  Looking past my unicorns and glitter, probably because of his business savvy and knowing the idea had legs, Dan, my husband and business partner, said he would help me formulate a business plan. He went to work and the Evil Pinky was born.


Evil Pinky, Inc., d/b/a Bra & Girl (wordplay on the phrase bar & grill) was founded … Read more

bbb-logo-nSubmitted by Aline Machado, owner of Bella Bella Boutique on-line e-commerce shop


My desire to own a boutique started at an early age, when I was 7 years old growing up in Brazil. My passion for Fashion continued to grow and after moving to the USA to finish an English program at a school in Massachusetts, I got my first job at Express clothing store at age of 16. Just a few months later, I was recruited to work as a visual merchandiser for Bebe store. It was a natural thing to do, simply because I love it. Time passed…I worked at some other high fashion stores, as well as at a law firm and a bank, and in 2004 I got married. I had the privilege to stay at home but it was not what I wanted to do. I wanted to keep working … Read more

smallerlogoYes2Submitted by Jo Nicewicz Carville who owns
Jo Karen with her partner Karen Bender in Acton, Massachusetts 

Having my own shop was something I had always wanted to do. I had actually looked at gift shops before I had children but decided to put that on hold and begin to raise a family. I was fortunate to be able to stay at home while my children were young. As soon as they no longer need me to be at home full time the desire to work quickly came back.  I worked at a small women’s clothing store and really enjoyed what I did. A Lingerie shop next to where I was working closed and people seemed to miss it. I thought this may be an opportunity for me to open a shop. Since I already was enjoying working with women in the clothing world why … Read more

Featuring ~ SOL Lingerie

solSubmitted by Cindy Johnson, who owns SOL Lingerie with her sister, Jeanie Peterson in Denver, CO

Once upon a time there lived four lovely sisters. The two oldest talked about grown up things like boys, while the two youngest spent hours outside in the creek and on rainy days they were inside playing shop. The older sister liked to arrange the store while the younger sister kept tally on a chalk board as she rang up customers.image-1-christmas
When Jeanie and I weren’t playing shop, the four of us sisters waited all year long for the mother of all holidays, Christmas. We would tear into our gifts hoping for the magical items we had asked Santa for. Of course there were toys, sweets and well, practical items too. Granny Hoff always sent us the practical gifts. Every year we knew she would refresh our panty drawer … Read more

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