These are difficult times, for certain. The cancellation of a wedding pales compared to the flood of fear, but still, when a girl has a serious dream and must wake up to reality, it can be disconcerting. Planning tirelessly for the big day is a great deal of the process: dress, flowers, venue, music, guests. It’s all about the anticipation culminating in one exquisite moment and a lifetime of memories. Maybe at this very disconcerting juncture in our lives right now, a bit of fantasy could be a welcome distraction.

Girl With A Serious Dream bridal robes as featured on Lingerie Briefs

That’s why today, we are featuring the indie bridal brand Girl and a Serious Dream. I must admit that this post was, coincidentally, on my editorial calendar, but little did I know how prescient it might be as a mood lifter. The story behind the brand is a journey of hope and the bridal lingerie featured here is breathtaking, a bit of repose for a heavy heart.… ...Read more


Rebil group leads on developing replacing plastic with OLEAGO as featured on Lingerie Briefss

The treasure hunt is one of my favorite activities. But instead of deciphering ancient scripts in search of the submerged brigantines I roam the halls of the trade shows around the world looking for hidden gems. The Premiere Vision Expo in New York in January of 2020 presented some of the most exciting discoveries.

REBIL Group debuted a collection of packaging items they created using a groundbreaking material OLEAGO; derived from olive pits, it’s an eco-responsible alternative to plastic.

The enthusiasm of the Senior Sales Manager of Turkey-based REBIL Group, Ugur Aycin, was contagious. He placed in front of me one exciting item after another while I was trying to grasp the entire scope of the invention.

Who would imagine just a few years ago that our favorite snack, since biblical times, would become a source of the Earth-saving material?...Read more


Cache Coeur Milk Maternity & Nursing bra & panty as featured on Lingerie Briefs

The most remarkable thing about the Cache Coeur booth at Curve NYC was that it didn’t look at all like a maternity brand. What it did do was ooze French style and flair. The aesthetics of maternity lingerie are often graded on a curve since function and comfort are so important. Cache Coeur is one of the few brands that isn’t making any compromises in terms of style and makes high quality maternity bras, nightwear, and swimwear.

Cache Coeur Bloom Maternity swimwear as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Building a great piece of maternity lingerie is an incredibly technical feat but Cache Coeur has managed to disguise that effort masterfully. One great example is the Bloom Maternity Swimsuit, which disguises it’s nursing friendly credentials with a crochet inspired ruffle and integrated bra cups. It’s also made from UPF 50+ material for an additional protective layer. Another eye-catching piece is the Dolce Maternity Tankini which adapts the traditional zip front rash guard design for easy nursing access.… ...Read more


The UK INDX show featured on Lingerie Briefs

Despite the worst gales and floods we have seen all winter, the lingerie industry came out in force for the biggest UK intimate apparel trade show in the calendar – INDX.

I braved my own way through the adverse weather, arriving 2 hours late thanks to delayed trains , and I have to say I was delighted that I did  – once again this fabulous show proved how our industry is now stronger than ever – after weathering a fair few storms of our own in the last few years.… ...Read more

Say Yes to This ~ NOO


NOO, a sustainable brand featured on Lingerie Briefs

NOO is a French brand that specializes in lingerie, swimwear, activewear and ready-to-wear, but for purposes of this Gallery, we’re focusing on the intimate(s) side of their business.

In keeping with the theme of sustainability (a new blog category we recently launched at Lingerie Briefs), sharing the story of NOO is something we had to say YES to!  Co-founded by two young women, Anaïs and Elissa, NOO is a company that has a very clear commitment to sustainable fashion.  Most of their materials are re-used (sometimes you’ll see fabrics from older collections show up), many of their lingerie fabrics are produced from recycled fibers, while some of their swimwear ranges are made from 100% green Eco-Wave fabric (made from waste recovered from the Mediterranean).  Even their ready-to-wear pieces are made from a fiber of biodegradable vegetable origin!  There’s actually considerably more to share about their eco-friendly practices (their packaging is made from bioplastics), which we encourage you to visit their website to discover the full scope of their commitment to the environment.… ...Read more

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