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Eberjey Filippa bra and panty set with Giselle robe featured on Lingerie Briefs

I had an Eberjey post all set for today about the Filippa tuxedo bralet and panty and the Tuxedo robe. They are so quintessentially Eberjey. But then I discovered what I should have known; that they delivered in August. There went my editorial plan, especially because sales are so strong for these items.  There might be a possibility that stock is already low and I don’t like traveling in a retail wake. But, that’s what one gets with procrastination. I had to regroup at the 11th hour. We like to publish on time.

Stripes Study II 2012, Fujiflex mounted onto Diasec: Bivens Gallery (Dallas Texas)

So, I started perusing my gallery files for inspiration and came across this image by Fine Art photographer Parish Kohanim.  A member of the prestigious Canon School of Light since its inception, he is recognized worldwide for his striking use of … ...Read more


CALIDA I LOVE NATURE compo t-shirt as featured on Lingerie Briefs

As a sportswear buyer in the late 1970’s I have keen memories of the signature Calvin Klein t-shirt that mainstreamed this legendary designer’s collections. This $11.00 style anchored my department’s sales.  The cotton t-shirt was immortalized by James Dean and Marlon Brando in the 1950’s when the actors, wearing basic white, made them larger than life on the Hollywood screen and they became a fashion icon. Flash forward to 2018, this essential piece remains a wardrobe staple for men, women and children worldwide. There are interpretations at every level of the retail market, but no one can match CALIDA’s I LOVE NATURE version. Constructed of 100% TENCEL® micro, it is the world’s first compostable t shirt.

CALIDA I LOVE NATURE compo t-shirt as featured on Lingerie Briefs

I am circling in on this particular CALIDA style because the issue of sustainability is so high on the consumer’s radar these days. I have been aware of this 75 year … ...Read more


Kai Resortwear 2019 Swimwear on Lingerie BriefsKai Resortwear

London Swimwear Show

A riot of colour, a plethora of prints & a hot, sunny Sunday afternoon in Marylebone marked the start of the U.K. Show season with London Swimwear Show.

Clearly this show has gone from strength to strength over the last few years and now takes over a large part of the first floor of the elegant Radisson Blu hotel and after spending the day with the creme de la creme of the UK swimwear world,  I’m delighted to say that the London swimwear market is alive and kicking with both brands and retailers reporting strong sales, lots of new designers on the scene and a clear investment in technology, innovation, new designs & fabrics from the big-name labels as well as the newbies.

So, what are the hot swimwear looks that will hit the stores for SS19? Here’s the rundown of top … ...Read more

Light As Air ~ On Gossamer


On Gossamer Next to Nothing plunge bra as featured on Lingerie Briefs

What an incredibly hot and sticky summer we have had in the Northeast this year. I live in fear of my air conditioning bill. I needn’t have retreated from the Mexican sauna that descends on my Cabo home in August. It’s hotter now in New York. It better change this Saturday because I am going to a Boston College football game and I really don’t look forward to a steam bath in the bleachers. Weather like this pleads for minimalism: less to eat, less to do, less to wear. That must be one of the reasons why On Gossamer’s new Next to Nothing micro t shirt bra is experiencing such a high sell through since its launch 2 weeks ago. In fact, several specialty stores have already reordered it. It’s a perfect solution for women who can wear 32-34, A-DDD cups.  Engineered in a super fine stretch … ...Read more


I have seen the Belly Bandit® products loitering around maternity departments ever since this clever brand launched in 2008. But, honestly, I did not pay much attention because pregnancy was far in my wake. It was serendipity that I stopped by their booth at Curve and found an old colleague and neighbor of mine representing the company.  Out of respect for her expertise in the maternity business, I took some time to hear why a maternity brand might hold sway outside that venue. Here’s the skinny (tongue and cheek) on that point. Belly Bandit® is much more than a shaping product for pregnant and post-partum women. Although it serves a real health function for women during and after pregnancy, it is clearly a great tool for delivering control and support that our stomachs demand as we age. I, now of the latter group, remember well the lower … ...Read more

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