By ASI EFROSBirds of Paradise silk matriarch robe as featured on Lingerie BriefsMatriarch Robe, Pattern – Silver Lining 

A collection of exquisite 100% Silk Robes by Birds of Paradise is nature’s most symbolic manifestation. Mother Nature unites us all, in the life cycle of rebirth and beauty. Like a deft artist, it paints fiery sunsets over the oceans, a green tapestry of the rainforest, tropical flowers, and exotic birds.

Birds of Paradise silk matriarch robe as featured on Lingerie BriefsMatriarch Robe, Pattern – Bloom

The magnificent Matriarch Robe is both, an indulgence and a gracious gift. It signifies abundance and love and becomes an expression of gratitude when given to those that we cherish the most.Read More


Fashion Illustration of Natori Loungewear as featured on Lingerie Briefs

The contribution to the lingerie industry from Asian cultures is immeasurable. From the kimono silhouette to intricate embroideries or the origins of silk, the list is long. It’s high time to pay homage to Asia, even more so in these extraordinary times. I am not going to “preach” about race based hate and how it has no place in a civilized society; any decent evolved person knows this. The previous administration did not create this hate, it’s been here since the birth of this country, but it certainly endorsed it and made it “okay”.… Read More

Cleo by Panache - Lyzy Vibe bra returns in Caramel featured on Lingerie BriefsFeeling comfortable is one of the most (if not the most) important things when it comes to your lingerie. As something we wear all day, every day against our skin, investing in comfortable lingerie is a needs must. With working from home practices still in place, loungewear and multi-functional fashion pieces are prevalent now more than ever.

Cleo by Panache’s capsule collection for the SS21 season is a reflection of just that. The new styles provide you with incredible comfort and soft wireless support, in versatile shades that will stand the test of time in your wardrobe.… Read More


Prima Donna Twist Efforia plunge bra as featured on Lingerie Briefs

A few days ago, I was sculling through my Prima Donna Twist Spring 2021 notes and came upon this Efforia image, a very cool ‘twist’ on both the animal print and floral motifs that are fundamental to the lingerie business. The design is right in my wheelhouse: a juxtaposition of two opposing visuals that together form an entirely new effect. Using counterintuitive concepts seems apt for this season during which we vacillate between cautious retreat and a desire to put ourselves ‘out there’.… Read More


Dairy Fairy Milkful Maternity Collection as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Like many innovations, The Dairy Fairy was born from personal experience. Emily Ironi was frustrated with the current nursing and pumping bra options 8 years ago and wanted something better when she had her daughter, so she set out to design her ideal bra. The Dairy Fairy was born and designed to offer feminine and beautiful bras that also incorporated both nursing and hands free pumping.

Dairy Fairy Milkful Maternity Collection as featured on Lingerie Briefs

A year ago the brand introduced Milkful, which coincided with the first lockdowns. The idea of launching a completely re-designed set of bras for plus size mothers right then was intimating, but Emily decided to push through anyway and make it work.… Read More

By ASI EFROSHosiery: ADESCARE FISHNET STAY UPS/THIGH HIGHS @LECHERY.OFFICIAL, Model: @_NotYourWaifu_  / Fashion Designer: @AliciaPerrillo / Photographer: @EdSochackiMy interview with Vyra S. was the most unexpected and engaging discovery. It offers a highly revered opposing point of view, on a familiar product – hosiery. Both women and men, who wear hosiery, do so to feel empowered and confident, regardless of how they are being perceived by society. For many, wearing hosiery is a statement and a point of view. 

“They desire to take full ownership of their own bodies without the need for external validation from anyone else,” says Vyra, Founder/CEO, LECHERY Hosiery

@MyTightsFashion - Photography by @FotoDesign_FischerWas there an event in your life that prompted you to create your company?Read More


Valentina collection from Mal Amora as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Mollie Blue is an independent British designer I’ve been following since I first saw her student work back in 2017 – I had a feeling she was going to go on to create beautiful things, and I wasn’t wrong! She’s now the founder of Mal Amora, a handmade intimates and bespoke corsetry brand that’s inspired by the meeting point between modern sustainability and retro fashion.

Mollie’s obsession with lingerie began after discovering that it was underwear, corsetry and crinolines that gave the haute couture gowns and historical garments she admired so much their shape.… Read More

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