Curvy Kate Rush Swim Collection on Lingerie BriefsCurvy Kate

The holidays are almost over, which can frequently feel like a mix of stress relief and sadness. Raise your hand if you haven’t pictured yourself away on a beach at some point over the past month — I’m willing to bet that many of us have. If you are lucky enough to be turning that dream into a reality sometime soon, there are some great bets now that it is prime swimwear season.

Fantasie Porto Swim Collection on Lingerie BriefsFantasie

There are tons of curve friendly swimsuits out there these days, which means there are lots of great options to pick from (and to stock in your boutique). Current swimwear styles range from sedate to sexy, mixing prints and patterns along the way so there is always something that appeals to everyone. The Porto Twilight line from Fantasie mixes stripes and tropical prints in a fresh way that still feels sophisticated. … ...Read more


Hanro of Switzerland Valea Collection on Lingerie Briefs

My daughter got engaged this week. The ring is exquisite; a near perfect princess cut diamond set in white gold. It is a breath of light on her delicate fingers, artist’s fingers, sentient and fertile. I know this ring thing is a tradition, and an important symbol with deep meaning to those who imbibe. Personally,  I never had an engagement ring. I just never really wanted one. Maybe it’s my tendency to grapple with tradition. It’s certainly not about the luxury. Luxury has great value. It is aspirational and fantastical.

Hanro of Switzerland Valea Collection on Lingerie Briefs

In the realm of tradition, one would be hard pressed to out stage Hanro of Switzerland. There are few brands anchored in the complexities of quality fabrics that match this company in leadership and consumer affection.  For 135 years, Hanro has held court with their proprietary cotton underwear and loungewear. I have written more than one ...Read more


Emiah Bespoke Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

If you need just one reason to be excited about 2019, we have it.  It’s the emergence of the bespoke lingerie brand Emiah (pronounced Eh-mi-yah).  Based in South Wales, UK this luxury label creates artfully draped corsetry and hand dyed lingerie that is breathtakingly beautiful.

All of the designs have an ethereal style heavily influenced by nature, whether it’s the dark evening sky (Aoye collection), reflections of light on water (The Shape of Water), or garden vines adorned with mythical flowers (Amaranth).   After all, the name Emiah is a nod to nature with its name being derived from the initials of ‘Eudyptula Minor (scientific term for the smallest breed of penguin) and ‘Alycia Hirani’ (the designer’s name).   Hirani’s love of the greenery and mystical waterfalls is evident in the colors and shapes of her works.  It’s particularly clear in the artfully staged images of her collections, which … ...Read more


MIMÌ À LA MER swimwear as featured on Lingerie BriefsMIMI A LA MER 

Anyone who knows me knows that I have this thing with stripes. I don’t wear them, but they have a strong presence in my home, particularly in Mexico where vivid color and pattern melding just works. It’s no surprise, then, that I notice them everywhere on the swimwear scene for 2019. Cabana stripes, pinstripes, border stripes, curvy stripes, vertical, horizontal and perpendicular. Stripes with flowers. Stripes with geometrics . Stripe beachwear is prevalent this season. Truth be told, stripes have always been correlated with chic water wear. Just use the term nautical when speaking in fashion terms and they emerge. They are a staple in casual wear. The current incursion of swim to street, like intimate apparel, makes the statement that much more prescient.

Flagpole swimwear as featured on Lingerie BriefsFlagpole Swimwear

Prima Donna swimwear on Lingerie BriefsPrima Donna Swimwear

Curvy Kate Swimwear on Lingerie BriefsCurvy Kate Swimwear

Aubade Swimwear on Lingerie BriefsAubade Swimwear

Prima Donna Swimwear on Lingerie BriefsPrima Donna Swimwear

Albion Fit swimwear on Lingerie BriefsAlbion Fit Swimwear

LOU Swimwear on Lingerie Briefs LOU Swimwear...Read more


The Luxury of Jane Woolrich Couture on Lingerie Briefs

Here we are on the cusp of 2019, the week between Christmas and New Year’s when even if it’s not your personal holiday, half the world’s population is at bay. Food, family and frustration hold court between two global celebrations interrupting life’s daily flow. It’s a love-hate affair for many of us and still we persevere, year after year. This season, it is especially prescient: the political arena is in free fall, familial norms are dissipating and cultural standards are at war.   Escape seems the best elixir. We can’t solve the world’s problems at Lingerie Briefs, but I can use the platform to find beauty in the beast.

The Luxury of Jane Woolrich Couture on Lingerie Briefs

This brings me to Jane Woolrich, one of the Lingerie industry’s most seductive design talents. I know Jane personally; her elegant, British persona is a study of feminine grace. Her designs emulate her unique aesthetic. Her collections reflect … ...Read more

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