Not Just For Dad ~ Max Holliday

How many times have you received a gift from your partner and wondered for whom it was truly meant? What about the 48″ flat screen TV, that fishing trip to Maine , or the black Olds Toronado my husband bought me years ago, which I did not want?    You might wonder how I have managed to find a home for Father’s Day in a Lingerie Blog, but I have discovered a perfect counterpoint to all those thoughtful gifts that women have so lovingly accepted as shared bounty.  Lately, I have noticed  in my market research, a growing interest in this Men’s category.   Once an area relegated to utilitarian styling, more and more the woman’s fashion houses are putting down stakes in the male underwear market.  Take Max Holliday, the younger brother of the wildly successful, flirty spirit of Mimi Holliday and the Damaris design aesthetic.  Made for him with a woman’s sense of style, Max’s cotton boxers, available S-XL, are created in a whimsical combination of Liberty prints that speak wholeheartedly to the British sense of humor.   This is a gift that women would love to share.

“For It Is In Giving That We Receive.” ~St. Francis of Assisi

 max-cotton-pink-stripeAvailable At:

Intima Carmel: Carmel By The Sea, CA

Ela Lingerie: Menlo Park, CA

Basic Underneath: New Orleans, LA

Addiction Nouvelle Lingerie: West Hollywood, CA

Aristelle Lingerie: . Burlington, VT

Alla Prima LLC: San Francisco, CA

Hope Chest Lingerie: Haverford, PA

L’Odacieuse Boutique: Sherbrook, QU

Nectar Lingerie: Fort Langley, BC

Shades Of Sleep: Calgary, Alberta

Secrets From your Sister Inc: Toronto, ON

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