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Dottie’s Delights is one of those brands that has been on my personal radar for years. I’ve bought several pieces through them and adore their retro yet wearable aesthetic. Notably, they’ve always made pieces in larger sizes as standard, so I was surprised to hear that they recently went through yet another stealthy revamp to make their plus-size range even more friendly to curvier and larger figures.
“Expanded sizing is a great thing to do and not just for “feel good” reasons but also for the increased sales.” says Stephanie Kuhr, the owner and designer behind the brand. She also explains that it was clear early on that demand for larger sizes also meant adapting various designs to fit differently. “Even going back to the early years of Dottie’s Delights, when our dressing robes were first released in 2012 as a “one size fits … ...Read more


Miss Mosh in Dotties Delights Vintage Inspired Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

There really is nothing so thrilling as when your favorite lingerie designer pairs up with your favorite model; the combination is magical!  The recent collaboration between lingerie brand Dottie’s Delights and vintage style icon Miss Mosh is a match made in heaven.  This is perhaps the third time the two have collaborated, and once again you can see why they were made for one another.  In fact, many of the designs from the current look book were inspired by vintage pieces from Miss Mosh’s personal vintage boudoir collection.

Each of these Dottie’s Delights pieces has delightful details that set it apart from other midcentury vintage-inspired brands.  For instance, there’s the New Look Bralette made with perfectly-placed grosgrain ribbon covering the breasts, the Elsa Pocket Petticoat with mirror novelty pockets à la Elsa Schiaparelli, and the Pomperoo Bed Jacket with dotted veil shoulders and velvet trims!  It almost … ...Read more

Indulge ~ Dottie’s Delights

126626506__413114bI am leaving Cabo this week, traveling back to the East Coast via California where I need to stop for both professional and personal reasons.  Vegge Out time is close to over, but I did actually read a few good books and watched a few good movies that I probably would not have rushed to see back home.  The first film I rented at Blockbuster (yes they still have Blockbuster in Mexico) was The Great Gatsby.  I was hesitant, having tried other cinematic versions of the Fitzgerald tale that I could never complete.  But I was curious; there was so much media hype.  I decided to indulge and found myself completely engrossed.  The acting and the sets were superb, the direction insightful and for the first time the story was worth every word.  It takes excellence for a movie to impact cultural trends.  The visual aptitude of this rendition of … ...Read more

By Layla L’Obatti

Flash Forward Flash Back – Lessons in Sheer Ruffles from Dottie, Mosh, and Liz Taylor

No matter how many times I look at these images I have to double take, which is vintage?

Flashforward: This Dottie’s Delights authentically vintage “Frou Frou” nylon robe with ruffled hem is a delightful boudoir confection. Whether it’s that nylon chiffon or Mosh and photographer Todd Crawford’s capturing the mood of vintage photos, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more stunning replica of a classic vintage silhouette.

Flashback:  There are lots of ruffled robes in the vintage archives of intimate fashion. Not many match up to Dottie’s modern take, but this photo of Liz Taylor in a diaphanous ruffled robe is alluring enough to be a contender.

 ...Read more

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