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I was only 20 years old when my sister was married at the Carlyle Hotel in Manhattan, but the litany of details that earmarked the occasion absolutely drove me crazy at the time. The piѐce de resistance was when my mother asked me to pick up the monogrammed dinner mints the day before. Upon opening the box, two of them were smudged and I was commissioned to return to the store to have them re-done. My mother’s middle name was perfection. I made up my mind, then and there that I was not dealing with this trivia if I ever chose to marry. Having just returned from a summer in Oxford, I decided that my wedding would emulate an English country garden where carefully curated flower beds reflected an elegant, yet freestyle attitude. (By the way, it never happened that way. My mother had other ideas).

Fleur of England Allure on Lingerie Briefs

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After my family moved away from Long Beach, NY, we spent several summers on Block Island, a tiny ocean sanctuary off the New England Coast. I witnessed several mid-day weddings there as we rode our bikes up and down the rocky terrain. There is something special about afternoon affairs, a frothy lightness that reveals a casual beauty. Understated, yet elegant, it seems the perfect purview for the Eberjey bride.

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Eberjey I Do Bridal bralet and panty on Lingerie Briefs

Eberjey I Do Bridal Teddy on Lingerie Briefs

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A few months ago, my husband and I were having drinks on the terrace of a luxury hotel here in Cabo called Esperanza. Not our usual activity, we went, mainly to see the venue. Cabo is well-known for its destination weddings and by coincidence, that evening, there was a marriage ceremony taking place at the resort. It got me thinking about the entire bridal business, the extravagance, the energy exerted, and the level of artistry woven into every aspect of the process. The poolside wedding we witnessed was embraced by a magnificent view of the Sea of Cortez. The bride’s dress was woven with delicate lace and live flowers. The reception, outside on a tiered terrace, overlooked a moon sprayed ocean lit by burning torches. Every detail seemed perfect. Certainly, extravagance comes at a cost. However, for many couples, their wedding is expenditure in a lifelong memory.

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When it comes to wedding sleepwear, nothing is quite as elegant as pure silk nightgowns and matching robe sets. Linda Hartman has been satisfying brides with classic silk designs since 1997. Embellished with a touch of lace, these pieces are simple, timeless statements at excellent prices. Wrapped together with Linda’s best-selling Bedroom Eyes eye-mask, no wonder these are a bridal shower favorite.





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