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Bridal gown design inspired by lingerie as seen on Lingerie Briefs

Nightgown or wedding gown? Does it matter? Here at Lingerie Briefs we’ve discussed the fine line between lingerie and bridal design on several occasions, with their similarities being a heavy dose of femininity, the use of gorgeous laces, and their overall elegance. But there are some bridal designs that take the comparisons a step further; for instance corset detailing, slip dress silhouettes or the use of sheerRead More


It’s definitely autumn in the Northeast: chilly nights, sun stroked days, rainy interventions, pumpkins and chrysanthemums everywhere. If I were getting married again, it would be my pick of the seasons for a wedding.  One of the most memorable affairs I ever attended was held in a lodge in the Adirondack Mountains on Columbus Day. The foliage was in full rapture, the lake doubled the beauty as it reflected back a firestorm … Read More


Va Bien Bridal Lingerie as featured on Lingerie Briefs

As I culled together this portfolio of lingerie bridal images, I started a search for fine art icons that were inspired by wedding scenes. Paintings from masters such as Marc Chagall, Edmund Blair Leighton, Grace Hartigan and Frank Salisbury beckoned.  The history of art  has long been inspired by brides and that was my intent as I prepared to integrate them into this blog. The concept of merging art with experience resonates … Read More

By ELLEN LEWISOui Bridal collection by Maison Lejaby as featured on Lingerie Briefs

I had to write one more blog about my daughter’s wedding, which happened this past Sunday. It was elegant, ephemeral and exquisitely executed. White and blush peonies and roses, a harpist and a gorgeous wedding cake told a perfect parable for not only the beautiful bride but also the Maison Lejaby Oui bridal collection. Exquisitely appointed with detailed perfection, this wedding capsule is an intimate jewel. Besides the excellence of the … Read More


The last few weeks preparing for my daughter’s wedding have been a marathon of related and unrelated events. We flew home from Mexico for last minute preparations only to discover a major leak had capsized our ceiling onto our bed and flooded the floor. Fast forward, I’ve been sleeping on the couch while we maneuver through regrouping our entire bedding situation. Add to the equation: I babysat my son’s dog and my … Read More


NK iMODE Silk Bridal Lingerie Tender is the Night on Lingerie BriefsI am headed back to New York next week for my daughter’s wedding. It will be a very small family affair. That was her choice. She has very understated but decidedly upscale taste. Kate’s an artist, visually brilliant, flirting on the edge of the millennial generation; but way past fairy tale wedding expectations. She says she trusts me and will bow to my planning decisions. With only two months to organize logistics … Read More


Rya Collection Golden Romper on Lingerie Briefs

The Rya Collection is a smorgasbord of luxury lingerie desserts, not so different than a Viennese table at a wedding party: an over the top offering of confections, designed to seduce the eye into one more moment of indulgence. It’s no wonder that Rya is recognized as an exemplary source of bridal sleepwear. Founder Flora Backer (former creative head of Flora Nikrooz) is known for her amazing aptitude for combining classical elements … Read More

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