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Did you know that the most wedding engagements occur between Thanksgiving and Christmas? It is a goldmine for retailers whose port of call is lingerie. The fact that this is already gift giving season, the acceleration of bridal intimates makes this category a no brainer. I remember a Bloomingdale’s buyer telling me several years ago, that this opportunity was a definite focus for her. This is why I am so pleased to have been contacted by NK iMode as they resurfaced with an entirely new business model for their loyal clientele and the buyers who have sorely missed them in the wholesale market. Decamping from the traditional showroom and trade show business model, they have created two robust digital sites, one for consumers and another for buyers to showcase their merchandise. Long recognized for their beautifully executed sleep and loungewear available for sizes (charming XS to … ...Read more


I had so much difficulty organizing this post; visual, technical and creative issues gave me blog brain. I began to think about all the choices a bride has to make between her engagement and honeymoon. There must be a parallel somewhere, because from what I have learned trolling through the wedding business, the decisions are often complex, confusing and somewhat overwhelming. A perfectly intelligent, generally calm woman develops Bridal Brain. For example: What’s my color scheme; Pink, I think? “Something blue”; a bra ? Who knew? What lingerie should I wear on my wedding day? Sexy, black lace for my honeymoon getaway: Why not? Pleasure State Lingerie’s fall 16 collections help keep a young bride sane with dramatic, exquisitely wrought intimates designed with multiple solutions in mind. Certainly, their primary mission is to insure a state of pleasure while she navigates the wedding whirl.

Lingerie Briefs wedding blog

Lingerie Briefs Bridal blog

Pleasure State bridal lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

Pleasure State Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

Pleasure State Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

Pleasur eState Darcy Delatour on Lingerie Briefs





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Mimi Holliday Honeysuckle bridal lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

I am in complete awe at how many weddings my son and daughter in law attended this summer. I could hardly get their attention as they flew from NY to Chicago, San Francisco, LA and various locales around the city. I don’t think I ever had that many friends. But judging by the party that they threw for their own marriage last year, I am not surprised. It was a feast of 20+ to 30+ year olds, having an incredibly good time. When I consider the Mimi Holliday brand, I am always drawn to the bridal pieces because they are a collaboration of fashion fun. These are evocative designs promising sexy as well as sweet memories of a good time had by all. I can smell the honeysuckle and taste the sugar almond pieces , visceral underpinnings for a playful and modern young woman who craves luxury with a bit … ...Read more



The best days for a blogger are when you discover a brand that makes you want to write about it RIGHT THIS INSTANT.  You are instantly smitten, and need to share your discoveries with the rest of the world.  I was fortunate to get struck with inspiration from two distinct brands, both of which recently released a bridal collection:  Valentine NYC and Serène Intimates.  Granted, their styles are different, but at the heart of both collections are intimates that are ethereal, breathtaking, and covet-worthy whether you’re a bride or not.

LingerieBr_RonDressel_CharlieKingslandBarrowPhotography by Ron Dressel and Charlie Kingsland Barrow

Valentine NYC is a lifestyle brand that was established by two former models who wanted to create quality lingerie that is both affordable and realistic for daily wear.  Their production is based in Colombia and employs only single mothers (a portion of all proceeds also benefit these female … ...Read more

The Giving Bride Lingerie and vintage wedding gown on Lingerie briefs

“To Death Do Us Part” or so we hope when we speak our vows on our wedding day. For many women, this is the beginning of a much anticipated new phase of life and expectations run very high. Thus, the day becomes a pinnacle of celebration, the dress, the metaphor for all things beautiful that can happen in this most precious bond. Everything is elevated for the affair and lingerie is no exception. Exquisitely rendered intimates help inform the drama and when a designer focuses all of their energy on this particular niche, it shows. The Giving Bride, a brand I discovered in 2014, is the creative work of Maggie Gillette, whose passion for lingerie design propelled her to relinquish her 10 year tenure in education to pursue her dreams. Made in New York, every piece respects the female form from the simplest shapes to the most intricate trims. … ...Read more

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