This week’s Intimate DiscoveryElegance and Simplicity Enter the Robe Market

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Cynthia Varat, the creator and owner of the Louis At Home loungewear brand, launched at retail for spring 2011.  Having spent 10 years of my own career ensconced in the development and production of this core Intimate category, I recognize quality when I see it.  Made in Peru of the softest, lightweight Pima … Read More

When I was in my 20’s, my aunt moved from her family home to an apartment and gave me her glass and wrought iron garden table in order to help me furnish my first makeshift apartment.  The clean, elliptical lines of its simple base visible through a transparent surface appealed to my taste for the organic.   I liked the juxtaposition of  lightness and weight.  Unfortunately, my youthful naivety caused me to sell it for a … Read More

This week’s Intimate Discovery Sexy, Sassy, Elegant Lingerie from South America

Several week’s ago I was in The Pink Slip in NYC when owner Margo Andros introduced me to a hot new  lingerie brand, Ellipse, which she had recently tested with excellent results.  Doing diligence, I discovered that this 25 year old Colombian  company produces intimates, lounge and sleepwear as well as  swimwear  and is distributed throughout South and Central America.    Beautifully executed … Read More

The decision to major in Art History in college was influenced by my fascination with how creative enterprise could not only define an era but also profile a generation.  It was a form of visual archeology, a method of digging through a field of artistic effort to uncover an extraordinary treasure.  I was fascinated, in particular, by the painters whose unique visions and defiance of the status quo could revolutionize perception and impact taste.  Throughout … Read More

This week’s Intimate DiscoveryDuMi Shapewear Breaks Out

It was such a thrill for me to learn in the recentBest of Intima Magazine International Shapewear expose, that DuMi Shapewear was cited as one of the top 5 emerging brands in the United States.  This collection holds a particular place in my heart as I worked closely with founder Amber Taylor to launch this fashion sculpting concept to the market in 2008, not a … Read More

At the age of 16, my parents decided to give me a clothing allowance, the objective of which was to teach me how to handle money.  The only items from which I was exempt from financial responsibility were my winter coat and my bras.  The reason for this, the obvious cost of a winter coat skewing the budget and for me, lushly endowed the need to purchase rather well built and costly foundations.    My mother’s … Read More

This week’s Intimate Discovery:   A Hot New Panty Brand Makes its Debut.

It’s not easy to find new underwear fashion in the market, but I just saw the sultry, new Brazilian inspired thongs and boyshorts from Canadian based Vivvos.  Color blocked and anchored in vibrant and vivacious prints, these panties are constructed in  incredibly soft Eco-friendly performance fabric from the renown Italian textile leader, Eurojersey.  They bring a whole new attitude of … Read More

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