I love New York City.  It is a microcosm of energy, innovation, and design.  It is a cauldron of extreme contrasts: sophisticated, cool, sultry, novel and classic on one stage.  Its multinational character propagates an environment of creative diversity.  It may be exhausting, but it is always inspirational.  The DNA of this city is unique, a balance of established landmarks and new ideas, a platform for growth.   It was a fitting location and a prescient … Read More

Bottoms Up ~ Sassybax

As a little girl, I imagined myself a ballerina, fully anointed in a tutu and pink ballet slippers.  I would be the reincarnation of Tinker Bell, floating on air, whisper light with the charming mystique of this charismatic fantasy, a fairy princess.   It was not until I was a teenager when my mom gave me tickets to the Joffrey Ballet dress rehearsals, that I became acquainted with the pulsating power of modern dance and the … Read More

This week’s Intimate DiscoverySeminar at Curve NY for Shapewear Aficionados

There is no doubt that shapewear has emerged as the category to watch in the Lingerie market.   Growing exponentially in concept and construction, it will not be ignored as it evolves into a classification worthy of supporting the infrastructure of an Intimate Apparel business.  Intima magazine highlights this phenomenon in their new issue to which I was proud to contribute my perspective in … Read More

Among my favorite clothes are things that are just plain comfortable, my J. Crew sweats, my B.C. fleece hoody, and my 7 year old paddock boots, for example.  They are cozy, the first items I “go to” when I want to relax.  Long plane trips, 12 hour days devoted to my keyboard, or just managing an onslaught of family errands, I refuse to sacrifice physical solace.  For many other women, this state of being would … Read More

BRIEF ALERTS! else Lingerie

This week’s Intimate DiscoveryA Valentine’s Day Treat

A few weeks ago, when I was at the Paris show, I had the opportunity to meet Ela Onur, the talent behind else Lingerie, an exquisite collection of handcrafted designs made in rich, quality fabrics.  Anchored by the signature balconette bra and chemise, these are delicious intimates, worthy of satiating the most discerning appetite for luxury treats.  Carefully engineered to fit sizes 32 – 38, … Read More

Road to Rio: Lavit Lingerie

It is so gray outside.  Moods are morose.  Everywhere I turn, all I see is snow.  In the northeast we are on our 7th storm of the season.  Our woodpile is buried in an igloo of ice so profound we can’t tunnel through for fuel to fire the hearth.  We need some mental relief and I for one have always used my imagination to distract me from negative thoughts.  That’s why I am fantasizing … Read More

BRIEF ALERTS! Spicy Garden

This week’s Intimate Discovery: Courageous Brands at Salon De Lingerie

Britta Uschkamp

Kiss Me Deadly

Nothing wets the appetite for creative thought quite like the Spicy Garden section at  The Salon De Lingerie and I for one love navigating this pool of design innovation in search of individual statements and unique style ideas.  There are a whole fleet of entrepreneurs to discover and I did a full scale analysis of them all.  Loving many of … Read More

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