BRIEF ALERT! Bubbles and Bras

This Week’s Intimate Discovery:  Meet Me @ Montelle Intimates For A Champagne Chat

As you might imagine, I have many great fitting bras in my wardrobe, so it takes a lot for a new style to pass muster with me.  When Montelle Intimates introduced me to their Pure Plus bra about 18 months ago, I was a bit skeptical.  Suffice it to say, trying it proved that any good merchant never resists a new … Read More

Spellbound ~ Blush Lingerie

Marilyn Monroe was a famous movie star when I was a child.  I remember seeing Some Like It Hot at the Lake George Drive In Theater during summer vacation with my parents.  It is amazing how 50 years later this actress, with her sultry demeanor dimly veiling a girl next door naivety, still fascinates the American public. Michelle Williams, who stars in the highly acclaimed My Week With Marilyn, describes the star as “something … Read More

BRIEF ALERT! Maison Close

This Week’s Intimate Discovery:  A Provocative French Brand Ices the Cake

Palais Voltaire from Maison Close as seen on Lingerie BriefsFrom the time I was a little girl, I was always just a little bit too interested in the icing on the cake.  Maybe that is why I have always had an eye for items that provide the show stopping moment in any production.  There is a time and place for everything, but Valentine’s Day is one date in the Lingerie industry, … Read More

Dare To Be ~ Marlies Dekkers

I wrote my senior thesis in college on Vincent Van Gogh.  The major theme was the impact of vivid color and the intensity of his brushstroke.  Was he mad as the pundits claimed?  Or did he, in fact possess a confident audacity to defy the artistic traditions of his time and risk acceptance in order to make his own personal statement.  My obsession with Van Gogh began in 1970 at The Philadelphia Museum of ArtRead More

BRIEF ALERT! Nicole Miller

This Week’s Intimate Discovery:  A Renown RTW Designer Enters The Loungewear Market 

Since I am still lulling around in my post trip comfort zone I thought this could be a great time to reveal my latest intimates discovery, Nicole Miller.  When I first heard that this brand, which I have often identified with black, bold, form fitting designs, had now entered the Lingerie market, I was curious. After seeing the collection at the … Read More

Basic Beauty ~ Wacoal

This has been an enervating week: round trip travel to Paris for 4 full days of product analysis combined with a bit too much indulgence in French cuisine and wine.   Add to the recipe the on-going learning curve from having just launched our new website and the attention it demands, and I must admit my inspirational meter has peaked.  Sometimes one just needs comfort food.  Retreating to the familiar has a way of providing succor … Read More

Paris Wrap

I am back in New York and this was a very positive exposition.  Major Intimate Apparel trends that will impact the design and merchandising decisions made in Lingerie businesses throughout 2012 were reinforced.  Helped by the extensive research presented in the forums and conferences directed by both Concepts Paris at and Nelly Rodi, the color, fabric and silhouette direction was clear.  Here are some of their major statements:

  • Color palettes are dominated by an
Read More

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