Inspiration is ephemeral.   To an artist, it happens without thought, a moment in time caught from the corner of an eye, a scent, a sound, a touch, a brief shift in space.  It is not always easy to explain.  I have been writing this blog now for over two years, weaving lyrical musings of my life and its intimate rapport with lingerie.  My connection to this feminine world has lasted more than 25 years and … Read More


This week’s Intimate DiscoveryPlayful Bras at Great Pricepoints

I am fascinated with the kaleidoscope merchandising approach to inexpensive sweets offered in “buy by the pound” candy shops located in malls across America.  They remind me of childhood trips to the local candy store where we bought nickel treats to stash away from adult eyes or for barter in play.  You can scoop a variety of delicious confections into one bag for a mere … Read More

Positive Vibes ~ CURVE NY

We are all feeling the throwback of the current state of politics in the USA.  It doesn’t matter what side you’re on, it’s frustrating.  Just when the economy seems to be crawling back from the brink, we get front ended by partisan rancor.  So, frankly, for me, the CurveNY show held at the Javits Center last week was a welcome respite.  Not only was it an escape from the onslaught of nefarious media, but it … Read More

This week’s Intimate Discovery: Intimate Soirée for Specialty Stores Nominated for BOI AWARDS

It was a perfect summer evening on Sunday, July 31 in New York City. Nothing is as congenial as the good will that permeated the atmosphere at the 230 5th Avenue Penthouse Lounge where The Best of Intima Magazine hosted its 2011 THE BEST OF INTIMA AWARDS, the most prestigious gathering of lingerie boutiques across North America.   Easy conversation, excellent … Read More

In preparation for college in the late 60’s, my mother felt compelled to buy me a trunk full of “outfits”.  She took me shopping to Saks and Best & Company (now I am really dating myself) and insisted on a bevy of tweed skirts with cable knit sweaters; matching knee-his included.  It was like buying a trousseau, and I obliged, because frankly, who knew?  Suffice it to be said that I never opened that foot … Read More

This Week’s Intimate Discovery:   Intima Group Hosts Retail Panel Seminar: Impact of Social Media on Business.

I am so pleased to be affiliated with The Intima Group, international publishers of the premiere Lingerie Trade Magazine in the global intimate apparel industry.  We all recognize the quality and class of the USA editon, The Best of Intima, just released this week on line and available in print at CurveNY and CurveNV. Therefore,  it is with … Read More

Cool Thoughts ~ Fantasie

It’s over 100 degrees in New York for the third day in a row and I am hunkered down inside my air-conditioned home waiting for this heat stampede to pass.  The air is flush with moisture and mass forming a perfect storm of inertia.  Yesterday, I slipped out of my artificial cave for a few minutes of escape to my friend Gale’s farm.  Sitting by a cool pond under a shady tree and watching a … Read More

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