Perfection ~ Twist

My father was a gentle man, very fastidious, very reserved.  He never raised his voice.  I never heard any ultimatums.  There were just expectations, very high expectations.  No matter what I wanted, there was always a goal before I could have it.  He was always raising the bar.  He taught me that I was my only true competitor.  His was a perfectionist whose standard for quality and performance were a constant objective.  I remember … Read More

BRIEF ALERT! Simone Perele

This Week’s Intimate Discovery:  Simone Perele Lights up the Panty Market with Invisi’bulles

By now most of my readers know that I am on a constant search for the world’s most comfortable panty.  Last week I tried the Invisi’bulle bikini (158720) from Simone Perele and I knew I had found another contender.   This light as air, ultra-fine microfiber design is engineered with a stitch free bonding technique that holds the panty in place as … Read More

Be Prepared ~ Va Bien

As I am writing this week’s Brief, we are all hunkered down here in the Northeast riding out Irene. She certainly made a grand entrance.  One might think it was another royal wedding.  The TV spin has been relentless, ominous; and semi cynic that I tend to be, a bit overdone.  I do believe, however, that the noise is mostly to assure that we all err on the side of safety.  That being said, it … Read More


This Week’s Intimate Discovery:  Arielle Shapiro wins the prestigious CFDA award for Lingerie

The first time I saw the ARI DEIN line at Journelle in NYC, I had a feeling that a new design star was on the horizon.  Apparently, my intuition was correct, because Arielle Shapiro, the creative force behind this nascent brand was just awarded one of 10 positions in the prestigious Fashion Incubator, a CFDA initiative whose mission is to … Read More

This Week’s Intimate Discovery: A Gorgeous Boutique Proves the Power of Color in Montreal

I just returned from a quick trip to Montreal during which I had an opportunity to visit some wonderful boutiques.   I have always been intrigued by the Canadian Intimate Apparel business because in many ways it still mimics the European approach where independent stores still dominate the business landscape.  In Canada, the small retailer still reigns supreme.  They do not … Read More

Inspiration is ephemeral.   To an artist, it happens without thought, a moment in time caught from the corner of an eye, a scent, a sound, a touch, a brief shift in space.  It is not always easy to explain.  I have been writing this blog now for over two years, weaving lyrical musings of my life and its intimate rapport with lingerie.  My connection to this feminine world has lasted more than 25 years and … Read More

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