Challenge Boundaries

okeefeWhen I was an Art History major at The University of Pennsylvania, I learned that color and shape are very powerful tools.   One of my favorite artists was Georgia O’Keefe, a master with this medium.  She challenged the boundaries of American Art.  O’Keefe’s genius was her ability to focus on the detail of an object and magnify it so that it became the entire message. Sometimes it was the simple outline of a flower petal; sometimes it was the color of the petal itself.  Her paintings were intimate, feminine and very modern.  She was a pioneer in the Art world.

 I was reminded of this when I saw the Midnight Collection last week at The Carole Hochman Design Group in N.Y C.  Carole has taken her vision of an ageless contemporary woman and created a sexy sleepwear collection in a soft modal fabric that drapes a woman’s body.   Individual … ...Read more

Hidden Treasure

nm_indiana_jones_080517_mnA few days ago, I visited my friend Adrienne’s lingerie boutique, Adrienne Clarisse in Libertyville, Illinois.  After spending time perusing the sophisticated and sensual merchandise she carries, I was reminded of one of my all time favorite movies, Indiana Jones and The Raiders of The Lost Ark. Besides the fact that Harrison Ford’s dual identity of erudite professor and heroic adventurer fulfilled my youthful fantasies of the perfect man, I was completely absorbed in his quest for the hidden treasure.

 Adrienne Clarisse  is a feminine parallel.  It is a beautiful balance between fulfilling a woman’s everyday lingerie basics while addressing her private passions.  Searching through the relaxing and intimate environment  I found little treasures hidden everywhere.  This elegant shop invites a woman to pursue her most essential needs as a personal gift to herself.    Adrienne’s philosophy is that a woman should be entitled to feel good about who she … ...Read more

Every Day, Every Wear

bcLast week-end we tailgated at my son’s Boston College football game. Since it was a rainy September day and we managed to get a spot in the campus garage, our table was a popular destination. At least thirty plus students attended. The weather was very fickle;  damp and chilly before the game, sunny and warm in the bleachers. The kids seemed to manage the changing conditions with youthful nonchalance but I, for one, was glad to be wearing my Body Bark t-shirt under my sweatshirt. Not once did I feel discomfort in the vacillating temperatures.

Body Bark is my latest Intimate discovery. It was like wearing a second skin, buttery soft and  invisible under my clothes, but sexy and feminine when worn by itself. Made of MicroModal, this natural fiber fabric actually breathes. Wicking away moisture while holding in body heat, I also managed to stay cool in the afternoon … ...Read more

Spirits are Rising

vegasshowsI am not much of a gambler, but having visited the CurveNV Lingerie show held at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas last week, and based on the feedback I received, I would bet that business is beginning to stabilize.

The Las Vegas vibe has never been my cup of tea.  I would rather spend my time horseback riding in the open air.  But now and then, bright lights and a great show are a welcome change of pace.  The CurveNV  exhibition did not disappoint.  Increased attendance by both buyers and exhibitors contributed to the positive energy.  But the highlight of the three day event was definitely the standing room only So Curve fashion runway spectacle showcasing  lingerie designers from around the globe.  Also, the   champagne cocktails preceding the event didn’t hurt the upbeat mood!  

CurveNV is a different show than CurveNY.  It is absolutely a West Coast dynamic, … ...Read more

Smooth Operator

jazz6The past few weeks at work have been pretty hectic and finding down time has been an elusive goal, so last night when I was able to relax at home with a glass of wine and soothing music,  I was finally in my comfort zone.  Listening to Sade’s silky rendition of the Grammy winning song, Smooth Operator,  I was reminded of how a great jazz song can be sexy and soft although it is tightly arranged.

Anais Nin wrote:  “Jazz is the music of the body”

Keeping the body controlled without sacrificing sensuality and fashion is exactly why DuMi shapewear was launched in February 2009.      Focused on a contemporary woman who wants

[lightbox color=”#000000″ type=”image” title=”” link=””]dumi[/lightbox]just a little more support, these styles are created in fabrics that are soft and luxurious to the touch.  Designed to make women feel good,  as well as look good they are … ...Read more

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