referencias utilizadas - van-gogh-vincent-starry-nightI wrote my final thesis in college on Vincent Van Gogh and the impact that the color yellow had on his paintings.  It seems counterintuitive that this color, a symbol of optimism, is so pervasive in the creations of such a tortured soul. Perhaps it can be attributed to his passion for work and need to see the possibility of beauty in the every day detail of life, a sunflower, a starry sky, or a haystack. But look closely and you will notice that yellow is a highlight on a canvas saturated with the inkiest blues and greens.  Thus, the balance of his nature and the light he so desperately sought to clarify his life.vincent_van_gogh_gallery_2

There were many trends presented at the Interfiliere International lingerie show in Paris from which I just returned;  but the infusion of golden hues and yellow accents juxtaposed with the intense blues and greens that … ...Read more

Feminine Mystique

cassattmotherI have always been intrigued with art that focuses on the grace and beauty of the feminine mystique.  I have collected illustrations and prints that depict woman engrossed in the simple acts of daily life; bathing, drinking a cup of tea, ironing, or nursing.  Many artists have managed this pictorial poetry to celebrate the female form, but when my first child was born, I became particularly enamored with the work of   Mary Cassatt.  Cassatt’s paintings of mothers engaged in quiet moments with their children communicate the serenity and strength of the maternal bond.  Her lyrical strokes and gentle lighting convey an intimate visual message.  The rituals of womanhood can be sustained with a sense of dignity and purpose.

Mary Cassatt would have approved of the Elle Macpherson Intimates Maternelle nursing bra (E71-135).  It reflects Elle’s desire to design a maternity bra that satisfies a nursing mother’s practical needs while … ...Read more

Travel Light

Travel LightIt’s January. It’s freezing in New York and everyone is in a nesting mood.  There is a dearth of inspiration and stimulation.  Fortunately, I am traveling to Paris and the Salon De Lingerie exposition that I will attend next week.  This international lingerie show will highlight new product that will be available at retail for fall 2010.  My colleagues from Concepts Paris will stage their innovative trend forums at the Interfiliere Intimate Apparel fabric, print and color expose.  My goal is to mine new product for clients who have charged me to search for fresh ideas.  The show is a unique perspective and a catalyst for moving forward.

In this travel climate, I have to really plan what I am going to pack.  I have learned from experience, I need to travel light.  That’s why I want to take the Wendy Glez Grecian lounge pajamas in my suitcase.  Designed in … ...Read more

Tactile Beauty

avatar-insert.jpg1I am not much of a movie aficionado, but last week I went to see Avatar, because I was curious 3680538178_4460e9f672.jpg 1about the 3D effects.   I did not expect to leave so inspired, not only by the innovative film technology but also by a storyline critical to sustaining our environment, our country and our sense of personal integrity.  Avatar is all about character, good and bad and the story reveals itself in a visual bath of color and texture, so rich, that it is mystical in its impact.  It is not the dialog or the acting that drives this allegory, but imagination and vision and all the expectations that this can evoke.

Avatar reminded me of Hanky Panky, a company dedicated to the environment, to protecting United States based production and the original creators of the one size stretch lace thong.  Apart from this correlation to the film’s theme, I … ...Read more

New Year, New Opportunities

cloudsI was going to take a pass on writing this week. It’s a lazy week, full of family invasion and distraction. But I have been chatting with several of my industry clients and friends and I thought I might offer these words of encouragement. Last February, as I guided a well attended panel discussion with industry professionals aptly titled, Navigating the Storm, there was a great deal of trepidation. The question was, who will sink and who will swim? Those of you, who battened down, steered the course and kept your eyes on the horizon are still here. All the messages I mentored in that dialog are still valid and those of you with whom I consulted and benefited from my input, I wish to thank you for your patronage. We are at the beginning  of a New Year. I still believe that all of your success and all … ...Read more

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