Home for the Holidays

Christmas is upon us and many of us are turning our thoughts away from work to our families and friends and to travels home.  This is a time of hopeful expectation, reflection and nesting.   I am just a bit melancholy as I remember the excitement and energy that permeated our household during this anticipatory week when my family was very young.  Nothing is as magical as a child’s joy on Christmas morning and nothing changes … Read More

This weeks Intimate Discovery:

I first saw the eclectic Between The Sheets brand by the talented young designer, Layla L’obatti  several months ago.  I was completely captivated by the sensual and casual lifestyle collection whose demure, but provocative design aesthetic completely captures my personal definition of     What Is Sexy.  Intimate pieces drape the body in a buttery soft silk modal knit  and beg to be layered.  These styles from the Playdate Collection are a … Read More

Leg Music

Last week I accompanied my 13 year old nephew to a concert at Carnegie Hall in which his cousin was performing an oboe solo with the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra.   I enjoy music, but I am not a connoisseur.  In fact, I have been accused of being tone deaf.   Music has never been an art form that has generated a visceral reaction from me.  I am a devotee of silence and the visual, which for … Read More


This weeks Intimate Discovery Sensational Lingerie as showcased in the movie Burlesque

Being a closet Cher fan and drawn by the idea of a musical extravaganza cloaked in jaw dropping lingerie, I went to see the movie Burlesque this past week end.  If you want to see a phenomenal Christina Aguleria concert replete with spectacular dance numbers and point on stage sets,  it will not disappoint.  I am not a movie reviewer so I … Read More

Holiday Treats

When I was young Christmas in my house was a big excuse for throwing a great party during which my mother’s creative baking skills took center stage.  Her cookies, which were a huge holiday tradition, became legendary as the years evolved.  Baked from an assortment of recipes collected from a bevy of sources, their reputation soon enabled them to be referred to, simply as “Libby’s cookies”.  As a teenager, growing up in a predominantly Jewish … Read More

This weeks Intimate Discovery Community Partnership for Holiday Fun

On November 18, Glory Restaurant of Andover, Massachusets joined together with local boutique Night and Day Lingerie in their ongoing series of Thursday evening fashion events bringing their customers a spectacular holiday event.  Owner Merit Tukiainen featured a spectacular array of intimate holiday styles perfect for gift giving.  Brands presented to a audience of 150 plus customers were:   Arianne, Mary Green, PJ SalvageRead More

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