In preparation for college in the late 60’s, my mother felt compelled to buy me a trunk full of “outfits”.  She took me shopping to Saks and Best & Company (now I am really dating myself) and insisted on a bevy of tweed skirts with cable knit sweaters; matching knee-his included.  It was like buying a trousseau, and I obliged, because frankly, who knew?  Suffice it to be said that … Read More

This Week’s Intimate Discovery:   Intima Group Hosts Retail Panel Seminar: Impact of Social Media on Business.

I am so pleased to be affiliated with The Intima Group, international publishers of the premiere Lingerie Trade Magazine in the global intimate apparel industry.  We all recognize the quality and class of the USA editon, The Best of Intima, just released this week on line and available in print at CurveNY and … Read More

Cool Thoughts ~ Fantasie

It’s over 100 degrees in New York for the third day in a row and I am hunkered down inside my air-conditioned home waiting for this heat stampede to pass.  The air is flush with moisture and mass forming a perfect storm of inertia.  Yesterday, I slipped out of my artificial cave for a few minutes of escape to my friend Gale’s farm.  Sitting by a cool pond under a … Read More

Free & Easy ~ Eberjey

Could it be the salty air, ocean breeze

Or the beach

Nearby, I think

More than these things

It is the seagull soaring

She spreads her wings

Softly slips her feathered form through clear, cloudless skies

She is me


A profile of freedom

I moved to the beach in the early 70’s while my friends were settling in Manhattan.   No one could quite grasp why I decided on this … Read More

This week’s Intimate Discovery:  Yummie Brings Shapewear Out of The Closet

It is not too often that I can identify a new merchandising channel in the Intimate Apparel Industry, so you can imagine my excitement when I saw the pioneering lifestyle initiative recently launched by the innovative fashion solutions brand, Yummie Tummie by Heather Thomson.  Simply named Yummie, this emerging brand now available to lingerie stores at … Read More

I have been ensconced in the Lingerie world for more than 25 years and as a curator of this intimate art form, I have often wrestled with the position of pleasure objects in the gallery of a tasteful boutique.  In the Intimate Apparel world, there has always been a delicate dance between elegance and the erotic.  It is a woman’s right to experience her femininity no matter what journey her … Read More

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