Shaping the Future

As an art student, traveling through Italy, I was introduced to the genius of Michelangelo when I first saw the legendary statue of David at the Accademia in Florence.   In those days it was possible to get close to the sculpture, close enough to touch the marble. The vision of this historic icon carved in a hard polished stone brought me to tears, because the artist had managed to render every anatomical detail of … Read More

This week’s Intimate Discovery Easy Living  Cotton Loungerie


Last week while visiting the new Journelle location, just opened in Soho, I bumped into Senior Buyer, Melissa Silvetti, who, knowing my interest in finding new lingerie product, introduced me to the beautiful, whisper soft  homewear line, Plum Pretty Sugar.  Designed by Charlotte Mills, this lovely, lightweight  collection of breezy printed cotton voile separates, including great wrap robes, recalls the casual chic of easy … Read More

Erotic Exposure

When I was 16, I bought an art book, in Paris, considered very risqué at the time for its sensual renditions of the naked female body.  For me, it was visual poetry in motion, a photographic tome of femininity, each black and white vignette a metaphor of nature.  Small details were magnified to evoke an alternative perception of the actual subject.  The curve of a hip became a barren landscape; the bend of an elbow, … Read More

BRIEF ALERTS! Hoff by Hoff

This week’s Intimate Discovery: Underpinnings from Denmark

One of the reasons I love Claudia Dubuc’s intimate boutique, Marc and Max, located in the West Village in NYC is that it is a treasure trove of interesting design ideas.  Last week I found several terrific pieces of the  Hoff by Hoff brand,  new from Copenhagen.  This is a  modern, sexy collection that thoroughly embodies the Danish design aesthetic.   Conceived to integrate seamlessly with a woman’s … Read More


It is January 1, 2011, the birth of a new year.  Birthdays hold so much promise, each one a crossroad from reflection to expectation.   The holidays are over.  We are cleaning up from the aftermath and gearing up now for a much anticipated cycle of growth.  Putting away the fine china I have collected over the years, most of which was bequeathed to me from my parents, I am reminded of the power of familial … Read More

Lean Forward

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Thank you to all my readers, and all my sponsors for supporting this blog since its inception last year.  Your patronage of my insights and musings has made   this weekly missive successful beyond my expectations.




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Someplace Else

I wasn’t going to write a blog this week.  Most people are hunkered down in one way or another, on vacation from routine.  It’s the slow dance before the New Year presents a slew of expectations.  But last night, a gale force snowstorm blasted the Northeast and this morning I found myself shoveling 12 inches of white powder off the steps of my house.  Beautiful as the woods appear coated with snow in the bright … Read More

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