Technical Beauty

I am a figure skating aficionado having spent many hours in ice rinks while my daughter pursuedMichelleKwan her youthful dream of becoming an ice skating star.  We have been watching the current figure skating Grand Prix in anticipation of this year’s Olympic team.  Figure skating is a beautiful and enchanting sport.  Elegant costumes, rapturous music and exquisite moves across the ice belie the hours of practice and physical endurance required … Read More

Remain Ageless

Copy2of2u9lg821When I saw this purple plaid version of the Demi Desire bra and panty set from b.tempt’d, it brought to my mind heather fields and Scottish moors. It ignited a childhood memory.

As a young girl, I used to go to Broadway shows in lieu of having birthday parties.  One of my favorite memories is the mist filling the stage in the Lerner and Lowe musical, Brigadoon. This … Read More


libby rabbitThis is my dog, Libby, dressed as a bunny rabbit for the Halloween parade at the Mid-Atlantic Dachshund Pfest in Virginia. She won first prize for the cutest costume. I know she does not look too pleased, since she probably would have preferred the accolade for the sexiest attire in the contest.  After all, dressing like a bunny for Halloween should evoke sensual and feminine images that border on the … Read More

Eternal Seduction

IMG00036-20090925-1129 (2)Jonathan Swift wrote:  “Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”     Walking on East 33rd Street in NYC last week, I happened upon this vision of a woman’s dress in the shop window of Alpine Creative Services.  The designer, Rubin Singer, has managed to deconstruct a classic shape and render it new by the unexpected manipulation of a basic material.  It is sculpted completely from pieces … Read More

In the Zone

ny-yankeesIt is October in New York. The New York Yankees are in the post season playoffs and I have become a devotee by default.  The men in my life are obsessed.  One of the lessons this iconic American sport teaches is to perform at top levels, an athlete needs to be “in the zone”.   That means feeling comfortable in your own skin and having the confidence to believe you can … Read More

Challenge Boundaries

okeefeWhen I was an Art History major at The University of Pennsylvania, I learned that color and shape are very powerful tools.   One of my favorite artists was Georgia O’Keefe, a master with this medium.  She challenged the boundaries of American Art.  O’Keefe’s genius was her ability to focus on the detail of an object and magnify it so that it became the entire message. Sometimes it was the … Read More

Hidden Treasure

nm_indiana_jones_080517_mnA few days ago, I visited my friend Adrienne’s lingerie boutique, Adrienne Clarisse in Libertyville, Illinois.  After spending time perusing the sophisticated and sensual merchandise she carries, I was reminded of one of my all time favorite movies, Indiana Jones and The Raiders of The Lost Ark. Besides the fact that Harrison Ford’s dual identity of erudite professor and heroic adventurer fulfilled my youthful fantasies of the perfect man, I … Read More

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