So Chic

white dress revisedLast month, while walking through the fashionable Marais neighborhood in Paris, I saw this incredible wedding dress featured in the window of a bridal boutique.  This symbol of innocence and purity is superbly executed in the newest fashion trends.  How French!  Several months ago, I wrote a blog on Eternal Seduction in which I proffered Concepts Paris’ spring 2010 trend predictions:  poetic architecture, airy lightness, soft focus and the importance … Read More

The Power of Love

balletNo tale better expresses a little girl’s dream of lasting love than that of the handsome prince  wakening the beautiful princess from her long dark slumber.  On a personal note, I was never very taken by this illusion, but, I have to admit that the age old story, filled with fairies and witches, wedding court scenes and rambling bushes protecting an empire for 100 sleepy years, was definitely a gift … Read More

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

lauper newWhen I think of the Betsey Johnson Intimates collection the first thing that pops into my head is Cyndi Lauper’s award winning anthem of female solidarity, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”.  This flirtatious homage to the feminine spirit heralded a new wave in music.  Slightly aggressive, teasing and full of enthusiasm, it defined her break out album, She’s So Unusual.   Dying her hair different colors and wearing radical … Read More


referencias utilizadas - van-gogh-vincent-starry-nightI wrote my final thesis in college on Vincent Van Gogh and the impact that the color yellow had on his paintings.  It seems counterintuitive that this color, a symbol of optimism, is so pervasive in the creations of such a tortured soul. Perhaps it can be attributed to his passion for work and need to see the possibility of beauty in the every day detail of life, a sunflower, … Read More

Feminine Mystique

cassattmotherI have always been intrigued with art that focuses on the grace and beauty of the feminine mystique.  I have collected illustrations and prints that depict woman engrossed in the simple acts of daily life; bathing, drinking a cup of tea, ironing, or nursing.  Many artists have managed this pictorial poetry to celebrate the female form, but when my first child was born, I became particularly enamored with the work … Read More

Travel Light

Travel LightIt’s January. It’s freezing in New York and everyone is in a nesting mood.  There is a dearth of inspiration and stimulation.  Fortunately, I am traveling to Paris and the Salon De Lingerie exposition that I will attend next week.  This international lingerie show will highlight new product that will be available at retail for fall 2010.  My colleagues from Concepts Paris will stage their innovative trend forums at the … Read More

Tactile Beauty

avatar-insert.jpg1I am not much of a movie aficionado, but last week I went to see Avatar, because I was curious 3680538178_4460e9f672.jpg 1about the 3D effects.   I did not expect to leave so inspired, not only by the innovative film technology but also by a storyline critical to sustaining our environment, our country and our sense of personal integrity.  Avatar is all about character, good and bad and the story reveals itself … Read More

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