Hurray for Lingerie

By Kim Caldwell


Hurray! I’m so excited because today I’m sharing my very first video episode of Hurray for Lingerie! In the premiere episode, I explore a few of the most popular bra styles from Marie Jo and their convertible or decorative straps. In all of my years of working in the lingerie world, I’ve never tried a Marie Jo bra. Can you believe it? So I was thrilled when an old colleague of mine, Jennifer Conselyea who has now been working for the Van de Velde group for over six years, introduced me to the line after a long overdue run in at NY’s Curve Expo. Boy, have I been missing out!


I took the popular Avero for a spin and really love it. Often called, “the daisy bra”, its decorative straps can be hidden when worn as a halter, criss cross back, or traditional . . . … ...Read more

By Kim Caldwell

Hurray for Elila

Women often ask me “What is the most popular cup size that you fit?” and I inform them that it really ranges. In one day of bra fitting, I can help a 32A, a 40C and 34G, with the majority of my clients fitting into F, G and H cups. All day long. And while many women think that’s “really big”, I braducate them on what an F, G or H cup really looks like (look around you, it’s more popular than you think). And then, I let them know that I also help M and N cup sizes. You see, while the F and G cups of the world have a hard time finding great bras that fit, they are finally gaining more options with great bra brands. The M and the N cups, however, have an even harder time. So what bras do I fit … ...Read more

By Kim Caldwell


Hurray! It’s wedding season, and that means I’m helping a lot of women find the perfect bra for their bridal gown, bridesmaid dress, mother-of-the-whoever frock and wedding attendee attire. Everyone needs supportive bras for their outfits!

And that includes my lovely cousin who is getting married this summer. She sent me a Facebook message asking for bra help, and her question is a very common one:

Hey cousin!

My first dress fitting is in a month and I am gathering all necessary apparel for the fitting. The link for my dress is below: (Sorry but I’m not going to share Steph’s actual dress here and ruin the surprise! So the two below are similar styles from David’s Bridal.)

What to Wear Under Your Wedding Gown

I bought the dress last March and I am still in love – so I guess it was the right one!

I recently purchased shoes and a fit and ...Read more

Is Crotchless Crazy?

By Kim Caldwell

Listen, I’ve worked with some sexy lingerie before. In fact, when I worked with La Perla, their Black Label and Marvel lines were high on sex appeal and low on coverage. There were even accessories like lacey eye masks, silver devil horns, leather whips. And as a New York City resident since the age of 18, I’ve seen a few things, OK? But when it came to crotchless underwear, I was quite the novice… until about two years ago.


My current line of lingerie work deals with the more foundational side of undergarments. I loooove helping women find the best fitting bras and undergarment solutions. But lingerie should be a little fun, too, right? Fun did not equate to crotchless for me. Truthfully, my view of crotchless underwear was as something sold in a plastic sleeve in a salacious shop in the West Village, accompanied by fishnet … ...Read more

By Kim “Kimmay” Caldwell


My first official introduction to the world of lingerie was going behind the scenes. I’d been wearing a bra already for years, and tried some “fancy” (meaning itchy, lacey styles from the mall) underwear here and there, but at 19 years old I was pretty uneducated when it came to the world of lingerie. I was also new to New York City and new to quite a few other things. My “braducation” began at Linda’s bra shop in SoHo when, after being hired as a bra fitter on the spot by her son, Linda ‘The Bra Lady’ pulled me into a fitting room and asked me to take off my top. Having heard horror stories about sketchy casting directors asking actresses to take off their clothes during an audition from my musical theater classmates, I hesitated. But it turns out she just wanted to fit me, … ...Read more

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