Swim Briefs

Water Garments ~ NOE Swimwear


Several years ago, I was introduced to NOE Undergarments via an industry writer friend of mine based on the West Coast. Designed in Laguna Beach and Hanalei Hawaii, this is a lifestyle brand whose mission is to offer “creatively unique, progressive and expressive pieces”. Now, they have expanded their reach into the swimwear market with the launch of Water Garments,  a collection of unorthodox shapes that appeal to a … Read More


Any way you wear your spots, no one can doubt the force of your statement. Elomi’s Wild Thing swimwear collection proves the lasting power of today’s woman.  However you travel, by stealth or self, I hope you have an opportunity to migrate south for some real heat. These tankini and gathered one piece bathing suits are available in sizes 16 -26.


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A few days ago, while in San Jose de Cabo, I happened upon the Ivan Guaderrama Art Gallery. Maybe it was his joyous use of color, which definitely drew me in, but I found myself lingering. This painting, whose photograph I took with my phone and thus the lighting renders it less bright, reminds me of the underwater spectacle one can see when snorkeling at Santa Maria beach. Immediately, I … Read More

Back to Eden ~ Huit Swimwear


Imagine you are shipwrecked on an exotic tropical island. What would you need to survive?  Any style from the Huit Swimwear Eden blue lagoon collection would assure maximum camouflage and just enough exposure to guarantee rescue when desired. Available 32-34, B-D cups,these designs are a paradise found.






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Stripes never go out of style and no other venue respects their integrity quite like the beach. No wonder striped swimwear has endured through the decade, the holy grail of beach design. From vintage to the contemporary design of Marlies Dekkers,  the Holi Vintage collection reinvents stripes for the modern woman.








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Walking through the exhibitions stands this past summer at the Paris Lingerie and Swimwear show, I have to admit, I wasn’t exactly at my best.  I was somewhat under the weather, and I don’t mean the 100 degree temperatures; although that certainly did add to my discomfort. In such a state, its a bit more difficult to get inspired. But, when I came across the mystical, magical Maaji Swimwear booth, … Read More


Lucky for me, I am willing to try new things. Too bad for me that I had made an assumption about the Miraclesuit swimwear brand. I thought this brand was for older women (not that I don’t fit into that category) who do water exercises in their club pools. A few weeks ago, I spent time with the brand’s marketing team in their NY showroom basically because I am on … Read More

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