Swim Briefs



My recent fascination with the swimwear market has been relegated to new heights as I spend these weeks in a beach community that runs the gamut from laissez-faire to sophisticated chic. Since the world lives in shorts and bathing suits here in Cabo, it is natural for cover-ups to take a front and center position, not only at the water’s edge, but also in the streets. On a personal level I have … Read More

Cabo Color ~ Freya Swim

By Ellen Lewis


One of the wonderful things about Cabo is the synthesis of light, water, and color. Every time I travel here, I over pack. Then I live in the same 2 sundresses and swimwear the entire time. No one dresses for anything.  Bathing suits and cover ups are the wardrobe de riguer. Take this one by Freya Swim; the Penza Fusion soft cup plunge, halter bikini top and hipster brief. This festive, wire-free … Read More

By Ellen Lewis

There is nothing like a tropical dream to divert oneself from the everyday minutiae that tends to manipulate out lives. I am leaving for my home in Cabo San Lucas on Friday and most excited by the prospect of tropical gardens, luscious fruit, fresh sea air and the general slowdown that informs the lifestyle of this Mexican community. Since the everyday attire is swimwear and I need a supportive swim wardrobe to … Read More


Having lived a good part of my young adult life on the south shore beaches of Long Island, NY  I was pretty familiar with the particular fashion life style of the surfing obsessed.   It’s all about utility, function and comfort and of course the bikini reigns. But the most interesting focus for me was the rash guard.  It’s presence in this market goes way beyond its original purpose: protection. It was not until I decided … Read More

By Ellen Lewis


It’s a down time in the swim business right now, although suits continue to sell.  September and October are a good time for creative contemplation.  What’s more provocative than the illustrations of the vintage pin up artists. Swimwear  has always taken a place front and center in this purview.


By Enoch Boles & Jim Shaeffing


By Pearl Frush


By George Petty & Howard Connolly

Gil Evgren

By Gil Evgren


Arthur Sarnoff & Earl MoranRead More

Hot Trends ~ Swim 2015

By Jennifer Cermak

Gottex-Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Week-Swim-2015-MiamiGottex at The Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim Show

After the great Swim Show, I got knocked in the head by my lovely 2-year-old daughter. This little bonk caused an abscessed tooth, root canal, infection, hospital stay and lowered my immune system so now I find myself with a sinus infection and cold during the end of summer. Needless to say working 2 to 3 hours a day on painkillers and … Read More

By Ellen Lewis


As I dive deeper and deeper into the viability of swimwear business in Lingerie stores, I can’t help but examine the influences of the past on today’s amazing bathing suit styles.  It’s fun to see the evolution from more is less to less is more.  I stopped after the 80’s. I can’t quite wrap my head around the idea that the 1990’s is part of the “retro” world. Not yet, at least!… Read More

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