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Women are constantly being bombarded with media messages about ‘being perfect’. Janira asks ‘ What does ‘Being Perfect’ mean to you?’

Janira campaign - Being Perfect In My Janira! featured on Lingerie Briefs

Janira, the premier underwear brand from Spain, takes a closer look at what ‘Being Perfect’ really means to women…

Janira campaign - Being Perfect - When I think I look Perfect, I'm perfect! featured on Lingerie BriefsJanira campaign - When I feel confident, I'm perfect... featured on Lingerie BriefsJanira campaign - When I feel good, I'm perfect... featured on Lingerie BriefsJanira luxury underwear - I'm Perfect
I’m Perfect In My Janira!
Janira is your GO TO BRAND for ALL your underwear needs, from invisible cotton , microfiber briefs, to lace shortys, and their renowned Innovative, High quality, Comfortable, Feminine, and Elegant shapewear!

People who sell JANIRA like to call themselves “PANTY FITTERS” !...Read more

Janira Secrets Figure Shapewear featured on Lingerie BriefsIt’s no longer a secret that Secrets Figure by Janira is the prettiest and sexiest slimming shapewear on the market. The name ‘secrets‘ is because the flat lace and back are virtually invisible and doesn’t show through clothing. And Figure because the fabric provides a molding effect on the entire garment and reaffirms the buttocks and lumbar areas.  Available in four colors including ivory – which of course is perfect for brides to be!

Spain’s best-selling shapewear brand, Janira developed a fabric with using the highest technology and calling it “Sensitive” – this means that this fabric is lightweight, yet firm enough, comfortable and most important being breathable to the wearer.… ...Read more

Janira Shape Getta collection - arrives May, 2018Arriving in May, Janira, the leading brand of Spanish underwear has a sophisticated take on shapewear. Janira’s Shape Greta is a beautiful addition to the feminine, lacey Greta line. As with all of Janira’s shapewear, the collection is elegantly and carefully designed to respect your natural shape. Each garment also features unique technology with their FAMOUS JANIRA COTTON TERRY GUSSET which is recommended by Gynecologists, it regulates the PH, is absorbent and eliminates odor. An added bonus is that women will appear to drop one dress size or even more!… ...Read more

exceptional freedom skinny jeans JaniraStretch leggings made with premium denim and all the details of what you would want in the perfect pair of jeans are what set these Janira Skinny Jeans apart! Not only do these jeans offer exceptional freedom of movement, they are much more than leggings… but true jeans that fit REAL WOMEN. Pockets, belt loops, zipper and a button are all part of these stretch jeans making them exceptionally sexy and comfortable.  Thanks to its composition and its “stretch” of construction these are very easy to put on. … ...Read more

Janira perfect underwearIt’s a bold claim to say your underwear has achieved perfection. Well, Janira has proven that it indeed manufactures perfect panties and shapewear! The Janira SECRET is their line of underwear that’s superior in every way. Many brands advertise either anti-odor features, absorbent qualities, hypo-allergenic, no panty lines, comfort, prettiness, quality, anti-pilling cottons, etc BUT NONE OF THEM HAVE THEM FEATURE ALL THOSE QUALITIES! Well, Janira does!

There’s no denying that Janira’s underwear is beautiful, sexy, invisible and comfortable. What makes the line perfect is each garment also features unique technology with their FAMOUS JANIRA COTTON TERRY GUSSET which is recommended by Gynecologists, it regulates the PH, is absorbent and eliminates odor.… ...Read more

Janira Magic Band panty collectionJanira’s very popular, perfect panty collection Magic Band is truly in a class by itself.  Designed and manufactured in Barcelona, Spain, these luxurious panties are created to be feather light while naturally shaping & leaving no unsightly panty lines! This extraordinary 3-style line encompasses every possible wish in an undergarment!

1.  Comfortable: light and fresh fabric, it does not move or ride up at all.
2.  Invisible: no panty lines, extra-flat lace without edges.
3.  Feminine: adapts seductively to the “derriere”!… ...Read more

Janira Shapewear - Secrets FigureThe prettiest and sexiest slimming shapewear on the market is Secrets Figure by Janira! With gorgeous floral details and plumetti, these quality technically slimming garmets not only feature maximum hold but you’ll never look ‘flattened’. Secrets Figure has the famous tanga effect with an ergonomic back plus features their incredible hypoallergenic and comfortable Janira gusset. You will appear to drop at least one dress size! Shown is the Figure Silhouette Forte Secrets.Why Secrets Figure?
Secrets because the back is virtually invisible and doesn’t show through clothing.… ...Read more

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