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Bridal Lingerie Q & A

By Aimee Guthinger

Now it’s time for some bridal girl-brief answers! Here’s where we last left off:

“I’d like to buy a wedding chemise for a shower gift, but is this something only meant for the brides’ mother to give?”

This is an important question, however the answer is relatively simple and goes something like this…I have yet to meet a bride who has ever received too many chemises.  She alone will decide what her … Read More

By Margaret Shrum

Henna artist Sandy Patangay is known for over a decade of designing gorgeous traditional Indian henna body decorations for brides in NYC. Last year she decided to expand her henna artistry onto gorgeous little hand decorated artisanal wedding cakes in bright colors and heart and square shapes with her company Creme Delicious. I met Sandy at a bridal marketing round table and was immediately drawn to her beautiful product. Her cakes … Read More

What Compelled You To Write The Bra Book?

I had a successful career in TV news for several years, but I tired of the daily doom and gloom stories we covered and always yearned for something more positive. In 2006, I started working for a production company in NY covering fashion weeks in NY and Paris and realized that’s what I truly loved. Around that time, I started researching magazines I could write for as … Read More

When the kids were very young, I took full advantage of the holidays and kept a chart on the refrigerator door tracking their behavior for Santa Claus.  This worked as a bribery tool for about 3 weeks, during which I made a big drama about Christmas lists and gift potential.  Now they are older and multiple presents have been whittled down to one special package; so satisfying expectations is a much more intuitive chore. I … Read More

I have always been drawn to the timeless beauty of seasoned products ripe with history.  I like the backstory, even if it’s a figment of my imagination.  When I was in my 20’s, I used to scour the retro clothing stores in NYC searching for unique pieces of vintage clothing that expressed my proclivity for  nostalgic chic.  I collected hand decorated cashmere sweaters, replete with satin ribbons and crystal buttons.  I donned cut glass deco … Read More


Clients Testimonials

                   “I have worked with Ellen for more than 10 years and have always trusted and depended on her. She will do anything and everything in her power to deliver what she promised – that’s saying a lot.” Kristin Kramer, S.V.P. Product Commercialization, Victoria’s Secret Stores   

         “Working with Ellen, I am consistently impressed by her understanding of thebrand development process and her keen instinct for both design and marketing trends.”

Gale Epstein, Owner Read More

Honestly, I truly hope that what they say about events happening in threes is true, because after this week-end, I have had enough!  First, the airline lost my baggage, which is unbelievable since it was a carry on that I door checked and watched being ferried down the jet way.  It’s still not back, 2 days later.  Then, I drafted this week’s Brief on Saturday, but on Sunday morning, when I turned on my laptop, … Read More

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