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The Little Bra Company

By Lindsey Borchard

In my last post about nursing bras I talked about some brands I wanted to try and last week I got the opportunity to personally try on Cake Lingerie. Other then Target nursing bras (which by the way DON’T work for larger breasted gals like myself) Cake Lingerie have been the first nursing bra’s I have tried.

Shortbread Nursing Bra by Cake on Lingerie Briefs

I met Co-owner Keith for the first time at Curve New York (the other … Read More

Trick Of The Fit

By Ali Cudby

Customers In The Fitting Room

Bra Fitting on Lingerie Briefs

If only fitting lingerie was as simple as having a single bra size.  Yes, I can hear the chuckles from the fitting community.  We all know better.  Bra sizes vary from brand to brand, and even within a brand from bra to bra.  I was prepping the fitting room troubleshooting module for my bra fit training program, FabFit Academy, which got me thinking about customers’ conceptions … Read More

Intimate Insider News

By Moira Nelson

The winter weather has arrived!  It has been incredibly brisk here in New York.  And I understand there was a bit of snow in Paris during the 50th Anniversary edition of Salon International de la Lingerie as well.  Despite the delayed flights and mucky city streets, I bet the flurries inspired a certain romanticism.  I can only imagine the Paris city lights twinkling through a nighttime snow fall… It seems apropos … Read More

Intimate Insider News

By Moira Nelson

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month… which means that intimate apparel brands and businesses are stepping up to do their part to raise awareness and funds to “support” the organizations that dedicate themselves to this important cause.  Let’s take a moment to reflect on the hundreds of thousands of lives that have been lost to Metastatic Breast Cancer.  It seems that the Breast Cancer Survivors get most of the attention this time … Read More

Sassybax smoothes a woman’s silhouette…


The man who said, “Everything that can be invented has been invented,” never wore a bra. When the head of the U.S. Patent Office said this in the late 1800s, he clearly had no idea of the future need for a bra that slims a woman’s torso without causing age-revealing bulges.  Amanda Horan Kennedy invented Sassybax bras for real bodies, and in 2004 she introduced them to … Read More

The Battle For Britain

By Richard Vincente

Victoria’s Secret Faces An Uphill Battle In The UK Lingerie Market

The queue should start forming any day now. Clusters of excited teens and twenty-somethings, all girls, will line up along New Bond Street and around the corner onto Brook. Police will be called in to direct traffic and private security crews will manage the crowds trying to get inside. Reporters and bloggers and TV cameras will be everywhere.

Say what you … Read More

Intimate Insider News

By Moira Nelson

Last week was a helluva week for me.  I was supposed to fly to Milwaukee for an appointment on Tuesday- in and out in one day.  However, due to flight delays and cancelled flights, I ended up stuck in Milwaukee through Thursday (why couldn’t I get stuck in a city like Paris or Rome???)  After finally returning to the East Coast, I decided I needed a little R&R.  I went down the … Read More

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