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The Little Bra Company

I have always been drawn to the timeless beauty of seasoned products ripe with history.  I like the backstory, even if it’s a figment of my imagination.  When I was in my 20’s, I used to scour the retro clothing stores in NYC searching for unique pieces of vintage clothing that expressed my proclivity for  nostalgic chic.  I collected hand decorated cashmere sweaters, replete with satin ribbons and crystal buttons.  I donned cut glass deco … Read More


Clients Testimonials

                   “I have worked with Ellen for more than 10 years and have always trusted and depended on her. She will do anything and everything in her power to deliver what she promised – that’s saying a lot.” Kristin Kramer, S.V.P. Product Commercialization, Victoria’s Secret Stores   

         “Working with Ellen, I am consistently impressed by her understanding of thebrand development process and her keen instinct for both design and marketing trends.”

Gale Epstein, Owner Read More

Honestly, I truly hope that what they say about events happening in threes is true, because after this week-end, I have had enough!  First, the airline lost my baggage, which is unbelievable since it was a carry on that I door checked and watched being ferried down the jet way.  It’s still not back, 2 days later.  Then, I drafted this week’s Brief on Saturday, but on Sunday morning, when I turned on my laptop, … Read More


There is a moment when the Magnolia blooms

These buds are there all winter

They rest cocooned in a lacey canopy

Stagnant on this tree

Me watching at the bedroom window

Perched above

Waiting for the great escape.

The petals will open this spring

Enormous bowls of silken pink

Curled into the sun

Transforming the tree and me to a place of poetry


Light has shifted in the western hemisphere and it is … Read More

When I was in my 20’s, my aunt moved from her family home to an apartment and gave me her glass and wrought iron garden table in order to help me furnish my first makeshift apartment.  The clean, elliptical lines of its simple base visible through a transparent surface appealed to my taste for the organic.   I liked the juxtaposition of  lightness and weight.  Unfortunately, my youthful naivety caused me to sell it for a … Read More

Bottoms Up ~ Sassybax

As a little girl, I imagined myself a ballerina, fully anointed in a tutu and pink ballet slippers.  I would be the reincarnation of Tinker Bell, floating on air, whisper light with the charming mystique of this charismatic fantasy, a fairy princess.   It was not until I was a teenager when my mom gave me tickets to the Joffrey Ballet dress rehearsals, that I became acquainted with the pulsating power of modern dance and the … Read More

The Essential Woman

seven_stones_350bYesterday was a pretty hectic day.  I was up and out by 7 AM for an appointment and back at my desk by 9.  Then, quite unexpectedly, I was training into Manhattan by 5 PM to meet my nephew for dinner and a show.  After the performance, a private backstage tour capped the day.  Exhilarated and exhausted, we arrived back in Westchester after midnight.   I am happy that the week-end is a casual affair.  I … Read More

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