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Deedee Crosland conducts a fascinating interview with the very talented Tina Wilson, Lingerie Briefs’ new “Fashion Illustrations” columnist.

Tina is currently a co-founder and creative director of Marronage  – a wearable and non wearable brand launching early 2017 that will take you on a journey far from unfulfillment and into a world of inspiration, beauty and community.  Tina’s impressive career history will have you captivated, star-struck and eager to hear her journey throughout … Read More

Commando illustration by Tina Wilson on Lingerie BriefsBy TINA WILSON ~
On August 6th, 2024, the Underfashion Club will hold its Femmy Awards gala at Cipriani in NYC. I have had the pleasure and the privilege to be President of this honorable organization for 6 years. Our mission in simple terms is to give financial aid to talented students as well as mentorship and education to our club members. Our design contest theme this year focuses on sustainability, a much … Read More

Apilat Fashion Illustrations by Tina Wilson featured on Lingerie BRiefs By TINA WILSON

Mother’s Day is bittersweet for me and my siblings.  Joyce Wilson was not only our mother, but she was also the neighborhood mom.  The woman who cooked for all, invited the most troubled kids into our home and made them feel special even if baffled and displeased her children at times. I remember when I was about twelve years old and I had a plethora of boys who would follow me home … Read More


Having just arrived in Paris to attend Salon International de la Lingerie, I had a free day to explore before the show. Tina Wilson, (who regularly features articles & superb illustrations on LBriefs) joined me for a fabulous day of shopping and strolling around the city.

Everything this January seems to be ‘On Sale’ and brightly colored apparel was the trend everywhere. We spent much of our time at the iconic … Read More

Bundles of Joy


It’s the end of 2023 and I want to crawl back into the womb and be warm, oblivious, unafraid of the future and just beginning, but this is my reality and while very grateful for all that I have, I need comfort.

Swaddling, bundling, wrapping, cuddling, these are all words that give me that comfort. They also remind us of embraces, babies, friends, family and dare I say retail therapy.

Bundling? The … Read More

Happy Holidays from your friends at Lingerie Briefs along with our Spotlight Partners!

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The Lingerie Briefs’ Team
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Candy corn, the NYC Village Halloween Parade, crazy carved pumpkins, haunted NYC brownstone scenes, spooky dogs and kids, these are some of my favorite Halloween things.

My go to Halloween costume for many years was a witch ensemble.  Halloween gave me the freedom to dress provocatively and to be exposed, something I have never been comfortable with in day to day to life.  Dressing in a bustier or corset as a witch … Read More

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