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Grenada, my horse, and me on Lingerie Briefs

For any of you who are not horse lovers, it is not easy to explain my passion. It is not about riding the horse. It is all about being with her. The best part of the sport is, in my opinion, about touch and what it does to my essential being.  It is a powerful, immensely private emotion that lifts me from daily tedium into another stratosphere. I am in … Read More

Dior Couture on Lingerie BriefsSome years ago, the CEO of Saks, a former colleague and retail mentor of mine, asked me how I might feel about changing my career direction to the designer runway universe. Feeling that I was much more suited to trolling street born trends, I told her that hi-fashion terrain didn’t exactly fit with my own merchant instincts. She was surprised, given my leaning towards creative ventures. At the time, I … Read More

2015-03-16-15.19When I sold my family house 3 years ago, I purged the majority of my belongings, the most difficult of which was a library, filled with books (yes real hard and soft cover books) that I had collected over many years. Since the head to toe bookshelves that engulfed that room was a major influence on why I purchased that house, the elimination of its contents was a knotty task … Read More


From the time I moved away from my parent’s home at the age of 21, I lived by the sea.  Something about the ocean calmed me.  When, 30 years later, circumstances led me elsewhere, we always found a path back, even for a short break in life’s chaos; the Florida Keys, Block Island, and now Cabo San Lucas became sanctuaries.   After I started the process of downsizing once my family … Read More

By Estelle Puleston

Skinswear, sustainable and social conscious lingerie as featured on Lingerie Briefs

“Sustainability is our main virtue” says Skinswear, although when you read their website, you realize that creating a positive social impact is also at the very heart of the brand.

Its founder is Mathilde Alloin, who studied at various fashion design institutions including Paris’ ESMOD and the London College of Fashion, and who previously co-founded a startup focused on creating made-to-measure bras based on 3D imaging … Read More


Under Thy Skin Lingerie as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Launched in 2017, Under Thy Skin is an independent lingerie brand created by Neri De Meester “out of a passion for art, design and the body”. I was captivated the creativity of her debut collection, which featured Aldous Huxley quotes embroidered onto simple silhouettes in sheer, monochrome mesh.

Under Thy Skin Lingerie as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Five years on, Under Thy Skin has stayed true to that minimalist yet storytelling aesthetic, while still managing … Read More

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